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Seaweed Nail Art – MoYou Doodles Plate 07

Hello friends!  I’m afraid I’ve another stamping manicure to show you today – I’ve caught the stamping bug well and truly and I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon! 😛

Andy was kind enough to treat me to three stamping plates from MoYou London – eek! I was so excited it was ridiculous! They arrived two days ago and I would guess I’ve spent a good 8 hours just playing around with them. And during that playing around time, I came up with this manicure 🙂

This is possibly my favourite stamping plate in the world ever, so of course I had to show you this one asap! I’ll be using more of it in the future, but for now I’m showing you the seaweedy bits!

MoYou Doodles Collection Plate 07 Stamping
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Blue & Silver Meadow Stamping

Hey everyone! I’m back with some more stamping, I’ve got really into it lately! The lovely Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes has lent me 24 (24!!!) MoYou stamping plates to play with… I am far too excited about this!

I had to start somewhere, so I decided to do a grey-blue style manicure to match the weather we’ve been having lately. And then some silver fieldy stamping to make it a bit more fun 🙂

I am still getting the hang of stamping so bear with me if the designs come up a little uneven!

Blue Silver Landscape Mother Nature MoYou Stamping
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MoYou Nails – Stamping Plates 125 & 132, Persian Turquoise Nail Polish Review

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of stamping plates and a ‘special nail polish’ by MoYou Nails to review. First of all, I have a confession to make. I have never even attempted stamping before this review, so not only did this provide me with some inspiration for a blogpost, but also with the opportunity to try stamping out for the first time! Exciting stuff. I feel like this is a sacrilege to be written on a nail blog, but there we go!

Moyou Stamping Plates

On the left we have Stamping Plate 125, and on right, Stamping Plate 132.
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