Blue & Silver Meadow Stamping

Hey everyone! I’m back with some more stamping, I’ve got really into it lately! The lovely Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes has lent me 24 (24!!!) MoYou stamping plates to play with… I am far too excited about this!

I had to start somewhere, so I decided to do a grey-blue style manicure to match the weather we’ve been having lately. And then some silver fieldy stamping to make it a bit more fun 🙂

I am still getting the hang of stamping so bear with me if the designs come up a little uneven!

Blue Silver Landscape Mother Nature MoYou Stamping

Blue Silver Landscape Mother Nature MoYou Stamping

What I used:

These were pretty fun to wear, with the light holo of EP April 2014 coming through, and the shininess of the stamped images 🙂 I loved wearing them.

I have to say in my excitement though they are already off and I am planning to play around with some more plates tonight, eek! So look forward to some more stamping manicures on here soon 🙂