• Krissy_light

    did you sell datto boots on a stall at the the great dorset steam fair?

  • Leanna Donato

    Hello there,
    I was looking through the internet for some green nail polish and came across your post about the Marks and Spencer Jade color. I would love to get some for myself, but I couldn’t find it on the Marks and Spencer website. I live in the US and saw that it’s a UK store, but I was wondering if you knew of a way for me to get some?
    Leanna D

    • Hello Leanna!
      I’m so sorry, I’m afraid it’s been discontinued 🙁 I will have a look at their new range as I suspect they might have re-released it as the same colour under a new name and brand, so I’ll check it out for you! xxx

  • Princesspriya98

    Hi Emma,
    I am going to turkey next friday and have no idea what colour to do my nails! was wondering if you have any ideas for me? a nice and bright colour? Thanks:)xxx

    • Hello! Ooh that’s a good question 😉 my current favourite bright polishes are: Models Own Hedonist, Models Own Tropical Sun, Barry M Pure Turquoise, Barry M Spring Green, M&S Neon Pink, Revlon Chili or 2True Shade 49… hope some of them help! You could use a little glitter to make it super eye catching too, Accessorize and Barry M both do some really lovely glitters! Xx

      • priya

        hi again! thank you! loved models own hedonist and found another one i loved called Balearic Cool. thanks you!xx

        • Awesome 😀 Hope you enjoy your trip! xx

  • Ruth

    Hey there! I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while and I was inspired to make my own which I did a few days ago haha! Anyway, after I made the blog, I noticed that you (and other British bloggers in the group) have a British bloggers section and I was wondering if you have to be an established blog that’s been around for a while in order to be part of this group? (I’m British, I’m up in Scotland!)
    Thanks in advance! 🙂 Ruth

    • Hi Ruth! Thank you for the lovely compliment 😀 you are so kind. And not at all, as far as I’m aware as long as you’re a blogger you are very welcome! New blogs included 😀 Here is the Facebook group:
      I would love to see your blog! What is your url? 😀 xxx

      • Ruth

        Great! 😀 I’ve requested to join the group so I’m just waiting now! My blog is thenailnoodle.blogspot.com 🙂 I still have some tweaks I want to do to it haha. Thanks for the help! xx

        • Awesome 😀 following now! 😀 Haha so do I on mine, my blog is so far from perfect (in terms of layout) in my eyes, can’t wait to dabble with a new theme 😀 Yours looks amazing for a new blog!! And no problem 😀 😀 xxx

          • Ruth

            Your old layout was brilliant, but I’m loving this new one! Snazzy! Aw thank you! I do like to play about with html from time to time – until I lose my patience haha! Doesn’t help that I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes! Xx

          • Hehe thank you 😀 I know what you mean, I’m lucky in that my boyfriend knows how to do html so if I mess anything up he can usually fix it lol 😀 xxxx