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Coral Me Maybe – Rainbow Series

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post as much as I did! I’d still love to see any collection posts you’ve done! 🙂 Today it’s the third week of the Rainbow Series. It’s a collaboration between myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes where we both showcase a certain colour each week – this week (after grovelling to Charlie for us to include these colours) it’s peach & coral!

These two colours are funny with my skin tone – they have to be the right shade of peach or coral to work with my tone rather than against it. Hence I don’t have a HUGE amount of them, just a few. Here are my top six:

Peach Polish Favourites
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Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Hello lovelies- first and foremost I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year! Sorry I’ve (again) been absent… I *hope* I have a good enough reason… Andy and I are moving into our first home together, in a different city *eek* so I’m super excited/busy/stressed/exhausted/thinking a million things a minute. This also means I’m being productive, which also means my blog takes a little bit of a sideline to priorities like sorting out insurance, packing, cancelling incorrectly taken direct debits (side story: Tesco screwed me over!). Anywho, since it has been a good 5 days since I posted, I thought I’d update you all! 🙂

Last year, I bought the Ciaté Mini Mani Month (nail polish advent calender) in a fit of indulgence, loved opening all the doors and looking at all the cute polishes but never used any of them. Not for the whole year. How bad is that! So I promised myself this year, if I bought it, I HAD to use them. And so far I’m doing pretty good – this mani alone consists of 6 Mini Mani Month offerings! Anyway, I bought the Mini Mani Month half price in their Christmas Day sale… for just £21! £24.95 delivered… that works out at just over £1 per bottle! It is still on sale on the Ciaté website so grab it while you can! <3

I was very much inspired by an image Jess from Fat Puss Polish posted on Facebook… Well okay, I lie, I stole her idea for my accent nail. It was just amazingly pretty and haunted my mind until I finally had the Mini Mani Month in my hands!

Ciate Mini Mani Month Glitter Nail Art Gradient polish grey gold iridescent silver nude shimmer day 9 14 16 23 locket members only pillow fight  party shoes uk review swatch swatches blog
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Penguin & Snowman Nail Art

So at Christmas more than any other time of year, all the nail brands start retweeting and sharing all our festive manicures and nail art. Yes I have been sucked onto the bandwagon, mainly because I love Christmas, I’ve regretted not doing it previous years, it’s cute, and I haven’t done nail art in ages!

Growing up my favourite animal was a penguin (they are still in the top running) and I always had a trademark simple penguin drawing I would put everywhere. I love them, I think they are super cute little animals 🙂 (birds?). And snowmen… what better to get you in the festive mood!

This is a super easy design to create, it definitely looks better in person than in these photos but I’ll explain to you how to create the designs step-by-step.

Penguin Snowman snow nail art christmas nail polish snowflake holo glitter barry m nail art pens snow effect cute christmassy festive simple easy short nails uk blog

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YRNails.com Full Nail Wraps

Hey everyone! How are you? I’ve had a bit of an eventful couple of days – I’m learning to drive but I’ve just been rear-ended on a roundabout so it might be a while before I can get back behind the wheel as our car is almost certainly written off 🙁 it was a shock and a half but could have been so much worse so I’m counting my lucky stars!

First of all I want to thank Lynz for her patience with me as it took me quite a while to get this review up, my life schedule is way too busy for my liking!

She kindly sent me these beautiful water decal full nail wraps  which were a lot of fun to try out and I love the designs on them, especially the super cute skull designs! I must forewarn you that my application of these was a little on the shaky-hand side of things so on most people these will look perfect! I’ve never tried water decals of any kind before so for me the first two were trial-and error, you can probably guess which they were ;).

YRNails yrnails.com beautiful nail decals designs wraps skulls watercolour dots uk blog review water applied
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Winterberry Complete Nail Art Kit

Hey everyone! 🙂 I have a super lovely product to show you today 🙂 a few weeks ago the lovely Rachel of Winterberry Nail Art sent me a Complete Nail Art Kit to review. This was the cutest nail mail I think I’ve ever received. I love the concept, the handmade element and the  price – everything is good quality and I can’t fault it 🙂 I tried to make this review as comprehensive as possible. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Winterberry Nail Art Kits Winter Berry handmade etsy UK complete kit diy caviar microbeads rhinestones gold silver foil glitter UV nail polish striping tape studs blog review

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