Barry M Glitterati Nail Paints

Hello lovelies! Today I have an exciting post to show you. Barry M have brought out a flurry of Nail Paints of various ‘effects’ – and I managed to sneak a trip to Superdrug on Saturday so that I could show you some of their offerings! The range I was most excited about is the new Glitterati selection. As my Superdrug had unfortunately ran out of Fashion Icon (purple) and Starlet (pink), I only have four of the six available to show you today, but rest assured as soon as I can get my hands on the other two I will be putting them up on the blog!

The four I have to show you today are: Rockstar, Socialite, Catwalk Queen and VIP. These polishes all contain both iridescent and holographic glitters so they promise to be pretty beautiful on the nail! Let’s get into the pictures.

Barry M Rockstar Glitterati
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Rimmel London Keep Calm Lasting Finish Nail Polish

Hello my fellow nail polish aficionados, today I have another selection of Rimmel London nail polishes to show you all. To tell the truth, I’m not entirely sure when these came out – all I know is that they are all available now! These beautiful colours were sent to me by Rimmel for review. I’m pretty chuffed with them, because lately I’ve been a bit blinkered to highstreet nail polishes because of all the indies (ALL the indies!), and sometimes I forget how nice it is to have just a standard creme, or a staple colour with great formula and quality.

I know we are coming into Autumn now, but rules are made to be broken (especially fashion rules – who’s with me?!)

Rimmel Keep Calm & Kiss
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Rimmel Kate Salon Pro Autumn Winter 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week. I was lucky to be sent 5 of the new Rimmel ‘by Kate’ Salon Pro nail polishes – I’d actually seen these a couple of weeks ago in Boots and really loved the look of the greens so I was excited to see these! The Salon Pro polishes all have a flat wide brush, which I know can make application a little tricky for people with slim nail beds, but personally with my wide ones, it’s a bonus. All five of these nail polishes are named after planets, which really appeals to me :)

I adore the colours of autumn and winter and I really feel that brands nail the A/W colours better than any other colour of the year. Rimmel is no exception; take a peek at these beauties!

Rimmel Saturn Kate
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OPI Nordic Collection Fall 2014 Selection

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I’m afraid I’ve been super duper busy the last few weeks – my job is a bit hectic and has involved a fair bit of travelling back to my home town, hence the lack of posts. However I was kindly sent two of the nail polishes, of my choice, from the new OPI Nordic Collection – which has given me a good impetus to start blogging once more! I confess that I’ve been ogling these for a while.

OPI My Voice is a Little Norse
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Imagination In Colour August Favourites Video!

Hey there ladies, I have a new video that I’ve just posted on YouTube!

It’s an August/Summer favourites video – let me know what your favourites are in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up the video! :)

Please tell me if there’s any videos you’d like to see in the future as I need some inspiration!


Barry M Gelly Autumn/Winter Collection 2014 Review, Swatches & Comparisons

Hey everyone! So yesterday I was excited to receive a surprise package from Barry M, and it contained the Autumn/Winter Gelly Collection to review! I hadn’t heard anything about these before yesterday so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are six polishes in total – Chai, Cardamom, Chilli, Mustard, Cocoa and Parprika. Safe to say, these are all very autumnal colours (and names!) and it contains a good few I wouldn’t normally wear but having swatched them, I’ve really warmed up to them and can’t wait to wear them this coming Autumn! The names have sold me – I love my spices.

The last couple of collection posts I’ve done have received great feedback and it seems a lot of you like the comparisons, so I’ve done a few more this time on the ones that seemed potentially dupe-able. So grab a drink of your choice because it’s a wee bit of a long one!

Barry M Autumn Winter Gelly Collection
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Cirque Cerrillos

Hey there! So… I’ve kind of been gone again for a while… sorry about that! I’m not sure whether I’m back but we’ll take it as it comes. I’ll be honest about why I’ve been gone – I’ve been learning a lot about spirituality and consciousness and it makes me feel a bit disillusioned with products, material items and values etc which is, to say the least, at odds with the very premise of my blog. But I have still been enjoying wearing nail polish (as you will know if you follow me on Instagram) so I wanted to share one of my recent favourites with you all.

Cirque isn’t a brand I’ve taken much notice of until I saw their Heritage Collection, which is a nice summery line-up of holographic colours. If you didn’t know, Cirque nail polishes are lightly scented with lavender and clary sage. This scent is obvious at first but lessens with topcoat, and I can’t tend to smell it after the first couple of hours.

Cirque Cerrillos
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Enchanted Polish July 2014

Hello everyone! I’m going to stop apologising for not posting as regularly as I should because I’m clearly not very good at living up to my apologies! Anyway, I have another Enchanted Polish mystery colour today. I’ve been trying to get them all this year although unfortunately as this last time Chelsea was selling all three at once, I could only afford one so got my birth month; July! Enchanted Polishes are currently being sold on a pre-order basis, with an hour long window for buyers to purchase, and a month long window from order to receipt of the polish. I think it works brilliantly! Nobody goes crazy, no site crashes… it’s all good :)

July arrived the other day and I have to say when I first saw it, I wasn’t all that keen. However now that I’ve seen it on the nail, I really like it! If you have got this and aren’t keen, I’d definitely suggest wearing it once just to be sure as it looks quite different on the nail from in the bottle.

Enchanted Polish July 2014
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Picture Polish Columbia Rocky Horror

Today I have another Picture Polish (if you want to see my other reviews of Picture Polishes, click here!) – as I explained when I wrote about Shocked, I have had a little obsession for Picture Polishes lately, so you may see a few posts on these in the coming weeks! The formula is always so good – I can’t help it!

Columbia is from the Rocky Horror collection came out a couple of months ago. Please don’t hate me – I have to confess that I’ve never watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but the amount of people who are shocked by this tells me it must be good! As such, I wasn’t the first to jump for this collection – however I saw a couple of pictures of Columbia and fell. Hard. I’m not normally too keen on reds, but something about this caught my eye and dominated my every waking moment until I bought it!

Picture Polish Rocky Horror Columbia
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Scarlet Tiaras Handmade Headbands

Hello everyone! I have a bit of a different post for you today. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I’ve been craving a change on my blog. It’s funny that while this is my creative outlet, I’ve removed so much of the imagination from it by having a template style for how I review nail polish, and while I don’t want to stop that, it begins to feel a little bit like a task more than it does a pleasure. Which is why I’m going to start doing a few more lifestyle-type posts, in amongst all the nail polish ones, and we’ll see how that goes :)

A few weeks ago I was feeling a little bored with my hair – I’m not one for big flower crowns or other hair pieces, but I fancied something to jazz it up a little. I decided it needed to be an Alice band, and the search began for a white beaded headband. Highstreet shops held nothing for me, so I turned to Etsy (where dreams come true!)  to see what the hand-makers of the internet had to offer.

There I found Scarlet Tiaras and I stumbled upon exactly what I was searching for! The prices were so affordable that a second headband fell into my basket – my order totalled £12.20 which I think is pretty good for these! Observe:

Handmade alice headband
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