Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa

Since I’ve been posting a fair few mainstream nail polishes lately, I felt like it was time to show you all another indie from one of my favourite makers – Hare Polish :). I know this one isn’t exactly season-appropriate, but hey, rules were made to be broken ;). I believe the inspiration behind this nail polish is Lisa Frank, an artist who uses very bright, colourful media in her pieces.

As usual, Nikole (the lady behind Hare Polish) has created a small masterpiece – this nail polish is just stunning.

Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa
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Barry M A/W 2014 Silk Nail Paints – Swatches and Review

Today I have another few Barry M Nail Paints to show you all. Barry M have been super busy and have brought out a LOT of nail polishes in the last few weeks – today I am showing you the new Autumn Silks / Winter Silks which are: Forest Silk, Orchid Silk and Poppy Silk. The idea of the nail effect is to look like the material silk (which I think it does quite well!).

I have to confess I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Silks (released earlier this year) which were all pastels – but these three are just gorgeous! I couldn’t decide which one to put first because I love them all a LOT! Because these all dry to a satin-matte finish, I decided to do one shot of them in their ‘natural state’, and one with topcoat (because they look amazing with topcoat!).

Barry M Forest Silk
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Barry M Christmas 2014 Boots Limited Edition Nail Paint – Swatches & Review

It’s that time of year again, and Barry M have once again brought out two beautiful Christmas glitters for Boots. These could actually pass for Halloween/Bonfire Night polishes I think, given that their names (Starlight and Moonlight) are very suited to those festivities!

I have to confess, when I picked mine up in Boots my initial thoughts were that they looked very similar, however as you will see below, they are quite different. Both have large glitter shapes in which is a big YES in my books! :)

Barry M Starlight Glitter Boots 2014 Christmas
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Sakura Bournemouth – Japanese Fashion & Cocktails Bloggers Event

Hey everyone! This week myself and my lovely friend Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) went to a Japanese Fashion and Cocktail event at Sakura bar in Bournemouth. This bar has only opened recently (it used to be Lola Lo) and I have to say it’s looking great! I confess I never went into Lola Lo, but the Japanese style of the bar is perfectly executed.

I made sure to take a good few photos of the event to share with you all because it was a great experience (and actually my first official bloggers event! Exciting!).

Sakura Bournemouth Blogger Event Sakura Bournemouth Blogger Event 12

Please excuse the obligatory unflattering photo of myself (WHY) but you will find the lovely Charlie on the right!
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Barry M Classic Nail Paints – Swatches and Review

Hello everyone! Today I have three simple but beautiful Barry M Nail Paints to show you. These have been released as part of their core line I believe, and as the name suggests (Classic Nail Paints), they are all very classic, timeless colours that flatter and complement without standing out.

These also make the perfect base colours for clear glitter toppers, and also for stamping because they are simple and understated and allow to topper to take centre stage.

Barry M Nightshade Classic Colours
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China Glaze Choo-Choo Choose You

Hello everyone! I’m getting better at being a little more regular posting on here… a little bit better. Again I’ve had a lot of unexpected travel this week which has made posting very difficult – I wanted to get this one up a lot earlier than this but that’s just how life works sometimes unfortunately. Anyway!

You may have seen my review of China Glaze Don’t Let The Dead Bite, which was sent by nailpolish.co.uk for me to review. They also kindly included Choo-Choo Choose You for me to review too, so I’m excited to be showing you this one today! I think this nail polish has already gained somewhat of a reputation in the nail world so far – it’s incredibly unique and interesting – I have nothing else remotely like it! Choo-Choo Choose You is part of the Autumn/Winter 2014 All Aboard Collection.

China Glaze Choo Choo Choose You
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Stellar Nail Polish

Hello lovely people. Today I have another exciting instalment of nail polishes from the lovely Ruth of Stellar Nail Polish, who kindly sent them for me to review. This time they are all named after songs by Scandinavian bands, and they are all gorgeous!

What I love about Ruth’s brand is that you can listen to the song that inspired the nail polish – which I think is such a nice touch and really gives some insight into the thought process behind each colour. As always, each is unique and super pretty!! :)

Stellar 170 (Kaizers Orchestra)
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China Glaze Don’t Let The Dead Bite

Hello lovely people! I have been eyeballing the new China Glaze Halloween 2014 collection (a.k.a. the Awakening collection) ever since the first bottle shots and swatch wheels came out, and the other week the lovely people at nailpolish.co.uk were kind enough to send me one of them for review! Today I have China Glaze Don’t Let The Dead Bite to show you – I think this is one of the most unusual nail polishes I’ve yet tried!

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite
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Barry M Glitterati Nail Paints

Hello lovelies! Today I have an exciting post to show you. Barry M have brought out a flurry of Nail Paints of various ‘effects’ – and I managed to sneak a trip to Superdrug on Saturday so that I could show you some of their offerings! The range I was most excited about is the new Glitterati selection. As my Superdrug had unfortunately ran out of Fashion Icon (purple) and Starlet (pink), I only have four of the six available to show you today, but rest assured as soon as I can get my hands on the other two I will be putting them up on the blog!

The four I have to show you today are: Rockstar, Socialite, Catwalk Queen and VIP. These polishes all contain both iridescent and holographic glitters so they promise to be pretty beautiful on the nail! Let’s get into the pictures.

Barry M Rockstar Glitterati
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Rimmel London Keep Calm Lasting Finish Nail Polish

Hello my fellow nail polish aficionados, today I have another selection of Rimmel London nail polishes to show you all. To tell the truth, I’m not entirely sure when these came out – all I know is that they are all available now! These beautiful colours were sent to me by Rimmel for review. I’m pretty chuffed with them, because lately I’ve been a bit blinkered to highstreet nail polishes because of all the indies (ALL the indies!), and sometimes I forget how nice it is to have just a standard creme, or a staple colour with great formula and quality.

I know we are coming into Autumn now, but rules are made to be broken (especially fashion rules – who’s with me?!)

Rimmel Keep Calm & Kiss
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