Barry M Twilight – Tesco Christmas Limited Edition 2014

Hey there lovely ladies and gents! Sorry I’ve been so sporadic lately – I signed up for Amazon Instant Video and now I’m marathoning my way through One Tree Hill because they are ALL on there! (Who’s with me?!). But I thought I’d better tear my eyes away for a little while to update you all with another Barry M.

For the last 3 years or so, Barry M have released Christmas limited edition Nail Paints exclusive to both Boots and Superdrug (you can see this year’s Boots ones here) – well this year, they have added Tesco to their repertoire. And since there aren’t all that many Tescos that stock Barry M, this one proves a little tricky to get hold of! I actually bought mine from somebody else who was reselling it.

Barry M Twilight Christmas Limited Edition Tesco 2014
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HJ Manicure Vintage Bronze & Peach Blossom Review and Swatches

Hello! Firstly, I have to apologise for taking so long to post this – I’ve had yet another bout of tonsillitis and have been out of action for a little while! The other week I showed you two of the new HJ Manicure nail polishes (Thunder Storm and Midnight Sky), and the lovely ladies at HJ Manicure kindly sent me two more polishes to review, so now I have two more to post! I think I’m even more excited about these two than I was with the other two.

HJ Manicure Vintage Bronze

HJ Manicure Vintage BronzeHJ Manicure Vintage Bronze

This is a lovely muted olive green with a hidden bronzey-orange shimmer. It’s not overly obvious unless you are in direct light, but it gives a lovely glow and in the direct light it’s pretty wow! It’s perfect for autumn/winter because it’s smoky but still has a kick.

Application: This applied like butter – it was practically opaque in 1 coat but I added a second coat just to be sure. It dries to a nice finish (benefits from topcoat though) in good time.HJ Manicure Peach Blossom

HJ Manicure Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom is a gorgeous peachy-nude creme. I was expecting it to be quite sheer (like so many french mani polishes) but this is actually really opaque and very flattering. It’s not often I find a peach-toned polish that actually flatters my pink skin tone but this one does! It looks very clean and dainty.

Application: This, too, applies perfectly. It’s opaque at 2 coats, not streaky (unless you’re really going at it!), and dries quickly to a nice glossy finish.


As I said above, I’m even more excited about these two – both have perfect application and finishes, and are very flattering and work-appropriate. I’ve worn both a good few times and I love them!

Like last time, I have to mention the bottle – which is very aesthetically pleasing but easy to knock over for clumsy people like me! The stem of the brush is also quite long and picks up a lot of polish so make sure you dab most of it off before applying.

All in all I really like these nail polishes, I think they are brilliant quality and I always love a good ethical brand. You can get HJ Manicure polishes here for £9.50, and they have  free shipping on orders over £20.

I often hear or read people saying the £9.50 is quite steep for a single nail polish – however I think for a great quality product it’s worth paying a little extra for the added longevity and good formula, not to mention it’s non-toxic and cruelty-free qualities.

HJ Manicure Midnight Sky & Thunder Storm Review and Swatches

Hey there :) the other day I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of HJ Manicure nail polishes. This is a new brand which has just very recently launched – they are cruelty free, vegan friendly and 5-free (which means they are free from Camphor, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin), so if you are looking for a non-toxic, safe, ethical brand then here you have it! They currently have 16 shades, plus four Autumn/Winter shimmers to choose from. They are all designed by a lady called Helen J (hence the ‘HJ’ in the name!) and I have to say, they have a great selection of beautiful unique colours.

I was lucky enough to be sent a few to try (I have two to show you today, and there will be two more at some point in the next week or so!). Today I have one from the core line (Thunder Storm) and one from the Autumn/Winter Shimmer Collection (Midnight Sky).

HJ Manicure Midnight Sky
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China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour Collection Halloween 2014 – Review & Swatches

Hello! I know, I know… I’m a bit late with this one but better late than never I think! China Glaze, as per usual, have brought out a fab collection for Halloween. I ended up getting all 5 of the shades from the ‘Apocalypse of Color’ collection, as they all look so interesting!

Halloween is my favourite time of year, I love the so-called ‘dark’ and ‘sinister’ spirits (obviously without the negative connotations!) and so I always enjoy a good bit of Halloween festivity, and the fun ideas that many brands come up with for the occasion. China Glaze have long been one of those brands!

China Glaze Apocalypse of Colour Halloween 2014 Collection
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Halloween Nails

Hey there! :) So I realise I am a day late; every year I intend to do a ‘Halloween Nail Art’ post to show you all before Halloween actually occurs, but by nature I am always LATE! So I decided this year, late is better than never (and since it’s the weekend, a lot of you will still have Halloween celebrations to be going to, no?). I am also pretty happy with this year’s offering, so wanted to share with you!

Halloween Nail Art nails
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MoYou Nails – Stamping Plates 125 & 132, Persian Turquoise Nail Polish Review

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of stamping plates and a ‘special nail polish’ by MoYou Nails to review. First of all, I have a confession to make. I have never even attempted stamping before this review, so not only did this provide me with some inspiration for a blogpost, but also with the opportunity to try stamping out for the first time! Exciting stuff. I feel like this is a sacrilege to be written on a nail blog, but there we go!

Moyou Stamping Plates

On the left we have Stamping Plate 125, and on right, Stamping Plate 132.
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Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa

Since I’ve been posting a fair few mainstream nail polishes lately, I felt like it was time to show you all another indie from one of my favourite makers – Hare Polish :). I know this one isn’t exactly season-appropriate, but hey, rules were made to be broken ;). I believe the inspiration behind this nail polish is Lisa Frank, an artist who uses very bright, colourful media in her pieces.

As usual, Nikole (the lady behind Hare Polish) has created a small masterpiece – this nail polish is just stunning.

Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa
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Barry M A/W 2014 Silk Nail Paints – Swatches and Review

Today I have another few Barry M Nail Paints to show you all. Barry M have been super busy and have brought out a LOT of nail polishes in the last few weeks – today I am showing you the new Autumn Silks / Winter Silks which are: Forest Silk, Orchid Silk and Poppy Silk. The idea of the nail effect is to look like the material silk (which I think it does quite well!).

I have to confess I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Silks (released earlier this year) which were all pastels – but these three are just gorgeous! I couldn’t decide which one to put first because I love them all a LOT! Because these all dry to a satin-matte finish, I decided to do one shot of them in their ‘natural state’, and one with topcoat (because they look amazing with topcoat!).

Barry M Forest Silk
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Barry M Christmas 2014 Boots Limited Edition Nail Paint – Swatches & Review

It’s that time of year again, and Barry M have once again brought out two beautiful Christmas glitters for Boots. These could actually pass for Halloween/Bonfire Night polishes I think, given that their names (Starlight and Moonlight) are very suited to those festivities!

I have to confess, when I picked mine up in Boots my initial thoughts were that they looked very similar, however as you will see below, they are quite different. Both have large glitter shapes in which is a big YES in my books! :)

Barry M Starlight Glitter Boots 2014 Christmas
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Sakura Bournemouth – Japanese Fashion & Cocktails Bloggers Event

Hey everyone! This week myself and my lovely friend Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) went to a Japanese Fashion and Cocktail event at Sakura bar in Bournemouth. This bar has only opened recently (it used to be Lola Lo) and I have to say it’s looking great! I confess I never went into Lola Lo, but the Japanese style of the bar is perfectly executed.

I made sure to take a good few photos of the event to share with you all because it was a great experience (and actually my first official bloggers event! Exciting!).

Sakura Bournemouth Blogger Event Sakura Bournemouth Blogger Event 12

Please excuse the obligatory unflattering photo of myself (WHY) but you will find the lovely Charlie on the right!
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