The Edge Nails – Nail Care

Hi everyone! If you read my last post you’ll remember The Edge Nails, a professional brand that makes nail polish, soak-off gel, and assorted nail care. They were kind enough to send me some nail care bits and pieces to try out, so I have a quick review of them here today :)

I keep meaning to post more nail care blog posts on here, as over the last 4 years of using nail products I’ve found out a lot of tips and tricks that are worth sharing, so I am aiming to cover more products like this in the future. Let me know what you think!

The Edge Nails Nail Care
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The Edge Nails Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Hello! Today I have six nail polishes from The Edge Nails to show you :) I hadn’t heard of The Edge Nails before they contacted me to kindly send me some products for review – they are a professional brand in the UK. As always, I love the bottle shape of these – I’m a sucker for a rectangular bottle!

They also have a nice flat brush which makes for easy application – I always love a flat brush.

The Edge Nails Nail Polish
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NYK1 Secrets Soak-Off Gel Starter Kit

Hello! Last week I mentioned that I’d been trying out soak-off gels for a couple of weeks, so here is the review for you. I was kindly sent the NYK1 Secrets Gel Starter Kit to try out and review. Gel nails are totally new to me, I’ve always been a bit nervous to try them as the process seemed a little tricky, so this has also been a fun learning experience for me! With this in mind, I just want to disclose that I am in no way trained professionally or otherwise in gel nails, so my experience *could* be subject to my own lack of my experience – and I wouldn’t recommend that you take my advice as given, it’s literally just what has worked/hasn’t worked for me :)

NYK1 Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit
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Valentines Inspired Nail Art with JustMyLook

Hello there! I really am spoiling you lot with blog posts this week aren’t I ;) Haha. All of a sudden I’ve had a flurry of PR requests & samples, which is actually a good thing as it makes me more accountable and motivates me well so… we all benefit I think.

Anyway! I was kindly sent three nail polishes by JustMyLook, to create a Valentines Day Inspired nail design. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m not big on Valentines Day but I do enjoy a good seasonal manicure so here we are!

Valentines Day Nail Art
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Barry M Gelly Collection Spring 2015 Swatches, Review & Comparisons

Hey there! So I promised (stupidly) to get this post up last night, but had an unexpected visit from my mum’s partner – which was lovely! – but I ran out of time to write this review unfortunately. So I hope you will accept my profuse apologies :)

Today I have the new Barry M Spring 2015 Gelly Nail Paint collection to show you (thanks to the PR team at Barry M for sending me these to review :) ). I am loving that the Gelly line has taken off, so much so that we are still seeing releases nearly 3 years after the first Gellies came out. Happy happy. I loved them back then, and I am still loving them now! Barry M have brought out some lovely spring shades this time – only three, but all are great staple shades.

As always I have swatched a couple of similar-looking shades to compare with the colours, so that you can be sure you aren’t buying dupes!

As an aside – I muchly apologise for my fingers looking oily, I have been religiously applying cuticle oil the last few days, since I dried my skin out big time using soak-off gels. Sorry!

Barry M Cotton Gelly
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