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Coral Me Maybe - Rainbow Series - Imagination In Colour

Coral Me Maybe – Rainbow Series

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post as much as I did! I’d still love to see any collection posts you’ve done! 🙂 Today it’s the third week of the Rainbow Series. It’s a collaboration between myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes where we both showcase a certain colour each week – this week (after grovelling to Charlie for us to include these colours) it’s peach & coral!

These two colours are funny with my skin tone – they have to be the right shade of peach or coral to work with my tone rather than against it. Hence I don’t have a HUGE amount of them, just a few. Here are my top six:

Peach Polish Favourites

Peach Polish Favourites (2)

Peach Polish Favourites (3)

Thumb: Models Own Hedonist – 2 coats, applies well, dries matte-vinyl, but STINKS because it’s not 3-Free. Neon.
Index: Models Own Tropical Sun – 3 coats, applies  well just a little sheer. Shimmer.
Middle: Essie Sunday Funday – 3 coats, lovely opaque colour, no application issues. Creme with glassfleck shimmer.
Ring: Dollish Polish I Survived The Fire Swamp – 3 coats, very sheer but a great topper! Jelly with glitter.
Pinkie: 2True Shade 17 – 3 coats, sheer, has secret shimmer, it’s very pretty! A little streaky. Creme with hidden shimmer.
Tips: Hare Polish Electric Flame – very sheer, quite thick. Has iridescent blue glitter. Jelly with glitter.

Okay so I realise a lot of these have application issues or quirks, but they are very pretty as a finished result. I quite often have problems with corals and peaches in terms of application, and annoyingly the ones that I don’t have issues with are almost always the ones I don’t like as much! 😛

I’m quite pleased that Electric Flame seems to have altered the colour of every polish it’s layered over (it’s pretty sheer so it’s not just opacity!) it’s worked out quite well, I think!

What are your favourite corals and peaches? Does it look amazing on you or not so much? (If it’s the latter… join the club, pull up a chair, grab a drink and we’ll sob it out!).

Don’t forget to check out Charlie’s post on these colours! 😀