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We Also Wear Pink On Fridays – Rainbow Series

Hey everyone! I am being a very very bad blogger at the moment – I’ve tried to get a routine going for work and blog but some nights things get in the way/I forget/I’m too tired etc lol. Organisation will happen!! So this is why my post is late again tonight. I am so late that Charlie has already published her part of the Rainbow Series which you can check out here.

This week is pink. Pink takes up a huge portion of my collection – I tend to love them in the bottle but not so much on the nail. I mean I love them, but I also tend not to wear them much…? I’m not really sure but I definitely neglect them! So here are some of my top faves 🙂

Pink Nail Art
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Purple – Rainbow Series

Hey everyone! Today myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes  are doing the Rainbow Series a few days late, due mainly to my own lack of organisation! Today is purple – purple’s not a colour that immediately sticks out in my head as being a favourite, but I had a look through my collection and I have a huuuuge amount of purple favourites – again these change all the time, but at the moment some of the ones that really appeal to me are in this post 🙂

Favourite purple nail polish
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Indiglow – Rainbow Series

Hey everybody 🙂 eek I’m getting so late with blogposts this week. I’m having to be much more organised since I started work because I don’t get any daylight to take photos in… which means a massive swatchfest at the weekend and writing up and editing during the week… somehow the more organised I am the more the chaos-loving side of me comes to light!! 😐

It’s Rainbow Series day again, where Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) and I do a colour-themed post :) This week we are doing blurples and indigos (blurple = blue + purple) – I have to confess I’m not the biggest fan of blurples as I feel like they can tend to be a little boring, but some are standouts, and indigos I luuuuurve.

Blurple nail polish
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Blue-ming Lovely – Rainbow Series

Hey there! It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for another instalment of the Rainbow Series with Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes 🙂 This week is blue. Blues, like greens, are one of my very favourite colours, so choosing my top ten was SO HARD!!! I started out by picking out all my favourite blue and came up with 47… I then managed to narrow it down to 17, but from there I just could not decide! So I’m going to default on this selection and say that there are still more favourites, but here are some of my top blues!! 🙂

Blue Nail Art
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Teal I See You Again – Rainbow Series

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the week again! Every week Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) and I do a colour-themed post, which is called our Rainbow Series 🙂 This week we are doing slightly different colours – Charlie’s doing mint, and I’m doing teal, because I just LOVE teal!!

You may notice that the ten favourite teal polishes I picked out today are all quite similar in tone and finish, there’s definitely a lot of shimmer involved and quite a bit of glitter! Green and blue are two of my favourite colours, so combine them inside a nail polish and I’m sold!

Teal Nail Art (2)
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