Oh My GOSH 022 Nude Champagne

I’m afraid I’m not 100% sure whether these polishes are limited edition or a permanent line. But these are 5ml bottles of nail polish in colours other than those already available (as far as I’m aware). Basically I saw them in the section of the GOSH counter in my local Superdrug which is normally used to showcase limited edition products so I can’t tell and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anywho, these bottles cost £2.99, which isn’t bad when compared with the £4.99 for 8ml of the normal GOSH bottles. Sheer curiosity made me pick this one up, but I now have my eye on the green creme they have to offer! They have a broad colour range in this new line.

I found it so hard to get a proper colour-accurate shot of this polish! It looks a little less greyed-out than the pictures show. Not an amazing description I know but… It’s kind of in between the bottle colour and the colour on the nails. Anyways, it’s a lovely greyish-biscuity nude. It’s a bit warmer than putty colour, and a little more flattering. Argh, not doing well here! It’s just very pretty, very subtle and work appropriate without being mannequin-esque.
Application-wise, it dried in an average time, not super fast but not really slow either. Manageable. I needed 2-3 coats for full coverage because it seemed a little streaky over my stained nails and the polish dragged a little but it wasn’t anything too bad. It dried with a lovely shine too so I didn’t need a topcoat 🙂
My only real problem is that where I left a little gap between the polish and my cuticles, the colour of my nail underneath really didn’t look pretty so I’d recommend polishing all the way up the the edges of the nail for this one!
Hope you’re all doing well, my life is being pretty hectic at the mo, I’ve just been up to Yorkshire for my cousin’s wedding which was lovely! I haven’t got an amazing photo of my dress yet, so this one will have to suffice:

I know you can’t see it so well here, but basically it’s a halterneck. It’s a lovely green-grey cotton dress with cobalt blue roses and a black sash. The skirt ties back on itself to create the bunched up -ness (is there a word for it?!) at the bottom, or it can be worn loose (with the skirt lying flat, more like a maxi). You can also go half up, half down, which seems to be fashionable of late (although how would I know – queen of unfashionability!). It’s also very kind to a larger tummy, and helps to emphasise the breast area (which became a problem as my boobs have somewhat increased since my diet was abandoned!) and makes the waist appear smaller.. I found 2 links to photos of the dress on the Facebook page of the shop it’s from:
Basically it’s from a shop named ‘Fresh’, found in the Covered Market in Oxford. If you ever get the chance to go in, DO! It’s got some lovely people running the shop, and people who are normal in body shape and attitude if you know what I mean – they don’t bat an eyelid if you ask for a dress in size 14 or 16 and they are very welcoming, helpful and friendly. The shop itself is tiny, but absolutely filled with gems like this dress. The dress cost £75, which really isn’t bad considering how versatile it is.
Anyway that’s enough of my babbling on! Hope you’re all okay and all that.
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.
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  • hello sweet pea,

    my my my, it's been a while since I commented. I had to buy this of course. This looks divine on you xx

  • Haha I thought you might 😉 and thank you 🙂 xxx