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You've Been Tango'd! - Rainbow Series With Pocket Money Polishes - Imagination In Colour

You’ve Been Tango’d! – Rainbow Series With Pocket Money Polishes

Hey everyone! Here is the second installment of the Rainbow Series. It’s a collaboration between myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes. Each week we each post a colour-themed blogpost on both our blogs, so make sure you check hers out too!

Today is ‘orange’, if you couldn’t guess from the title! Now, I do love orange, but on my nails I’m not such a big fan as it can tend to clash with my pink-toned skin… so I have to choose them wisely! This time it was relatively easy to pick out a top 5 favourites as the oranges are a little lacking in volume in my collection. I love darker, shimmery oranges which take the emphasis off the clashyness because they’re more pretty and reflective.

Orange Nail Art

Orange Nail Art (2)

Orange Nail Art (3)

My top 5 oranges are used as the base colour for each nail, with a bit of fancy shmancy decoration on top:

Thumb: Illamasqua Gamma – 2 coats, a little draggy, dries slowly also cracks after a day or two of wear (BUT IT’S NEON!)
Index: Rimmel Shirley Temple – 3 coats, a little sheer but dries quickly. Glassfleck Shimmer.
Middle: China Glaze Riveting – 2 coats, dries average time. Glassfleck Shimmer.
Ring: OPI Jinx Liquid Sand – 2 coats, dries quickly. Textured.
Pinkie: China Glaze Bend Over Backwards – 2 coats, very opaque, burnt orange colour. Shimmer.

I feel bad including a polish with bad formula – the Illamasqua – but it’s the best neon orange I own, even if it is a pain! The rest have great formulas. I’m quite surprised with myself that I haven’t blogged about any of these polishes before now.

I also want to solve a little photo myth – if you Google Image search China Glaze Bend Over Backwards, a lot of the top results appear very very red in tone. I do have to dispute that, it’s a gorgeous dark burnt orange, leaning quite red but it’s definitely more in the orange camp.

What are your favourite oranges? Do you find them hard to wear?

Make sure you check out Charlie’s post too! 🙂