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Yellow, Is It Me You're Looking For? - Rainbow Series - Imagination In Colour

Yellow, Is It Me You’re Looking For? – Rainbow Series

Hey there everyone 🙂 today is week four of mine and Charlie‘s Rainbow Series! In this collaboration we show a different colour each week, and this week is yellow. I have to admit, yellow is a colour seriously lacking in my collection, mostly because it looks pretty terrible against my skin! The reason why the majority of my favourites that I’ve picked out are Barry M polishes, is because I have collected pretty much the entire line of Barry Ms and more, so naturally I have a few of their yellows!

I feel like I’m cheating a bit with these favourites, because in all honesty I only have seven yellows in total, and I’ve picked out 5 faves! Oh well. I do really quite like these ones, mostly on other people though 😉

Yellow Nail Art

Yellow Nail Art (2)

Yellow Nail Art (3)

Thumb: Barry M Neon Yellow – 2 coats, a little streaky, dries to a satin finish. Neon Shimmer.
Index: Nella Milano Sunny Yellow – 3 coats, slightly streaky. Dupe of Barry M Lemon Ice Cream but less streaky. Creme.
Middle: Barry M Yellow – 3 coats, applies well but slightly sheer. Creme.
Ring: Barry M Station Road – 2 coats, quite opaque, a little thick to apply. Textured with gold shimmer.
Pinkie: Barry M Boots Limited Edition 2013 – 2 coats, a little streaky but quite opaque, nice and bright. Creme.

I think people tend to either love or hate yellow polish, it’s a very marmite colour for nails! I personally think it looks AMAZING on darker and tanned skin tones, but just clashes badly with my pink-toned skin. But sometimes I just wear it because it’s cute 🙂 If I had an honourary yellow, it would have to be OPI You’re So Flippy Floppy – yellow texture. It just looks incredible! I don’t own it, otherwise I definitely would include it. That and Happy Hands Nursery Rhymes… so cute!

Don’t forget to check out Charlie’s post on these colours!

What are your feelings on yellows?