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WingDust The Deep End - Imagination In Colour

WingDust The Deep End

Hi there 🙂 Today I have a really interesting polish to show you from the indie brand WingDust. I have to confess that I’ve owned this since last November… and only just properly tried it today. I got it at the same time as I got WingDust Perfect Day. I’ve swatched it on one nail before to get an idea of what it should look like, when I’ve been deciding what to wear, but this morning it caught my eye for some reason and made me want to wear it! This tends to happen with a lot of my indie collection

Anyway, the reason I bought this in the first place is because it’s such a quirky mixture of colours and it’s really unique. Hope you enjoy!

Wing Dust The Deep End

Wing Dust The Deep End (2)

Wing Dust The Deep End (3)

Wing Dust The Deep End (4)The Deep End is an inky purple jelly base with pink shimmer, and filled with iridescent blue/purple glitter, silver, matte pink and lilac hexagons of various sizes, as well as the giant hexagonal matte pink and matte lilac glitters. I’m beginning to get a bit of a soft spot for giant glitter – it used to annoy me, but these days I’m really starting to like it! I love the deep colour of this polish with the hot pink glitter popping against it, really pretty.

Worth noting with this polish is the fact that the glitters DO sink, a LOT. To the point where I have to shake it quite a lot to be able to get any of the larger glitters out.


The photos show 2 coats – it was mostly opaque (unless you shone a light through my nails) but if you wanted to do a third coat, instead I’d recommend  layering it over a base colour to avoid it getting chunky and lumpy. It dries quickly, to quite a dull finish, so I’d definitely recommend using a topcoat for shine and to protect the big glitter pieces. Formula-wise, it’s quite thick and gloopy so it takes a bit of patience to get it looking even, not to mention having to fish for glitter… but I think it’s worth it in the end. This would be another reason why I’d probably layer it instead next time. 

I’m still quite fond of this polish as it’s just so unique and interesting, despite application issues!

I bought my bottle from Rainbow Connection UK, for £8.50 which I think is very reasonable for an imported handmade product. It’s no longer on the site but make sure you check out the site as there’s loads of equally gorgeous polishes on there! If you want to buy The Deep End, it’s currently available at Llarowe for $10.50 plus international shipping (worth buying a few more to justify that shipping, if you ask me… 😉 )

What do you think of this polish? How do you feel about beautiful polishes with a tricky formula?