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Wiki'd Nails Challenge: Tattoo Nail Art - Imagination In Colour

Wiki’d Nails Challenge: Tattoo Nail Art

Hey everyone! So you may have noticed lately that I’ve been posting a lot of press sample-based reviews – mainly because I’ve been inundated and the whole process takes quite a while so when I finally finish one, I don’t necessarily want to jump in and write another post ‘for myself’ if that makes sense. But of course that’s ended up that I haven’t done many ‘myself’ posts lately, so I’ve jumped onto a challenge run by my wonderful friendx Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) and Lisa (of Starfish Nails). Unfortunately I am already nearly 2 weeks late – oops – but better late than never I suppose!

This challenge is called the ‘Wiki’d Nails Challenge’, where basically the theme is randomly chosen from Wikipedia. Each week, you have to create some nail art based around the theme of that week. So this week is tattoos – a subject I think about endlessly so tattoo nail art was a great starting point for me!

I don’t actually have any tattoos myself (mainly due to my indecisiveness) but I am forever planning what I think I’d like in the future. This week, I based my nail look on one of my favourite styles – black linework. If you want to check out an artist I really like, look at ‘DotstoLines‘ by Chaim Machlev – his work was on Buzzfeed a while ago and it’s pretty cool! Anyway – enough waffling…!

Tattoo Nail Art

MoYou Doodles Plate 04

What I used:

  • Rimmel London Rita Ora Rain Rain Go Away – nude base (review post coming soon!)
  • MoYou Nails Black Special Nail Polish (stamping colour)
  • MoYou London Doodles Plate 04
  • Barry M Matte Topcoat

I am totally in love with the stamping plate by the way! For this look I just used random places on the plate to do each nail with little rhyme or reason. It’s such a simple nail art design and so easy to do! 🙂

Let me know what you think! And what do you reckon to the challenge? The next theme is ‘The Water-Babies’ which I must admit has me totally stumped… it’s due in 2 days, agh!

Also for bonus points… tell me what you think of tattoos – what’s your favourite style? Along with black line work I adore watercolour tattoos!

Check out what the other ladies have produced for this week below: