The Edge Nails – Nail Care

Hi everyone! If you read my last post you’ll remember The Edge Nails, a professional brand that makes nail polish, soak-off gel, and assorted nail care. They were kind enough to send me some nail care bits and pieces to try out, so I have a quick review of them here today 🙂

I keep meaning to post more nail care blog posts on here, as over the last 4 years of using nail products I’ve found out a lot of tips and tricks that are worth sharing, so I am aiming to cover more products like this in the future. Let me know what you think!

The Edge Nails Nail Care

Acetone Free Varnish Remover with Vitamin E 60ml

This has actually been really handy for me lately. The benefit of acetone-free remover is that it won’t harm gels, so you can use it to wear regular nail polish over the top and remove it as and when. The vitamin E in it makes it a little bit more moisturising than normal acetone remover. It also has a small hole in the top rather than an open bottle, so that you can control how much remover comes out the top – it’s surprisingly useful (I get through so much remover because I over-pour normally!).

It’s quite affordable at £2.82.

Lint Free Cosmetic Pads

These are for use with soak-off gels. You can use them to remove the sticky layer once your gel is cured. These were actually nice to use as they are quite thick, and don’t pick up any fibres. They feel good quality and they are quite large.

They are £3.12 for 200 pads.

Super Shiner

This shiner buffed my nails beautifully. It has two slightly different sides – the white is slightly softer, but I prefer the blue side. It produced a really nice shine on my slightly damaged nails. I actually used it to buff out some of the residue from when I used the NYK1 gels, and it was very effective in smoothing out my nail surface.

The Super Shiner is £1.14.

Blue Curved File 120/180 Grit

In The Edge Nails’ booklet, it says this nail file is only suitable for acrylics and pedicures, as it’s about a medium grit. I think you could probably use it for fingernails as long as your nails are healthy and strong but I wouldn’t advise it necessarily. Nevertheless (without too much gross detail!) it works great on toes. 🙂

The file costs £0.72.

The Edge Nails have a huge range of nail files, buffers,  shiners, removers etc on their site, all of which are nice and affordable! Delivery is £7, but if you are in the UK and your order is over £25 then delivery is free.

Let me know what you think of these items! I still have the NailFX Soak-off gels to show you, which will be on the blog in a few days. 🙂