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We Also Wear Pink On Fridays – Rainbow Series

Hey everyone! I am being a very very bad blogger at the moment – I’ve tried to get a routine going for work and blog but some nights things get in the way/I forget/I’m too tired etc lol. Organisation will happen!! So this is why my post is late again tonight. I am so late that Charlie has already published her part of the Rainbow Series which you can check out here.

This week is pink. Pink takes up a huge portion of my collection – I tend to love them in the bottle but not so much on the nail. I mean I love them, but I also tend not to wear them much…? I’m not really sure but I definitely neglect them! So here are some of my top faves πŸ™‚

Pink Nail Art
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Penguin & Snowman Nail Art

So at Christmas more than any other time of year, all the nail brands start retweeting and sharing all our festive manicures and nail art. Yes I have been sucked onto the bandwagon, mainly because I love Christmas, I’ve regretted not doing it previous years, it’s cute, and I haven’t done nail art in ages!

Growing up my favourite animal was a penguin (they are still in the top running) and I always had a trademark simple penguin drawing I would put everywhere. I love them, I think they are super cute little animals πŸ™‚ (birds?). And snowmen… what better to get you in the festive mood!

This is a super easy design to create, it definitely looks better in person than in these photos but I’ll explain to you how to create the designs step-by-step.

Penguin Snowman snow nail art christmas nail polish snowflake holo glitter barry m nail art pens snow effect cute christmassy festive simple easy short nails uk blog

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Nubar Violet Sparkle

So last post, I told you I had my first manicure since I was 7! (The one I had aged 7 I can’t actually remember so I was very excited!) My better half, Andy, gave me a gift voucher for a manicure + embellishment as part of his present to me for my 18th birthday πŸ™‚ He also gave me a voucher for the baths in Bath, and for a photoshoot. I’m very lucky!

Back to topic! I got my nails did at a salon a little way from me, called Utopia Beauty Salon. I don’t have any real experience of salons but this one was gorgeous πŸ™‚ Lovely interior decoration, very girly and relaxing! They have a few pictures in their gallery so take a peek if you’re intrigued! The lady who did my nails was very lovely and we had a good chat about nail polish haha. She uses Nubar, which was fab really because I’ve never tried Nubar and always wanted to πŸ™‚

There was an amazing choice of polishes, and I, being terrible at making decisions, could not for the life of me decide. In the end I went for the one that caught my eye the most out of the whole rack – Nubar’s Violet Sparkle, from a collection released in Spring 2010.

I want to just make you all aware that my pictures are NOT COLOUR ACCURATE because for some reason my camera just keeps pulling blue, but actually this polish is a very gorgeous cadbury’s chocolate purple. Bloody camera! So I will leave you with two links to some pictures I would deem much more accurate: ScrangieΒ (final 2 photos)Β and The Phalanges Files.

I just looove those cutie little blue hearts! They had a duochrome effect too, sooo pretty! And just look at how neatly it’s painted round my cuticles (I am in awe, so good compared to my lame-o attempts!)

I wanted to mention that when this polish was under any kind of artificial light it sparkled this wonderful magenta colour, it’s just sooo pretty! Sadly there was absolutely no sunshine in the few days I had it on, but I’m willing to bet it looks amazing in sunlight!

So this was just 2 coats, yes, 2 coats, and fully opaque! It’s such a fabulous vibrant purple. I loved it. Especially now that I have my green OT hoody, it went perfectly haha πŸ˜›

Oh and Nubar are Cruelty-Free and Vegan, not to mention Big-3-Free!

Very very happy about this manicure, I also received a lovely arm and hand massage which was VERY relaxing πŸ˜€ And I will definitely be going back! I am very tempted to buy this polish from feelunique.com now… for just Β£7.25 with free delivery! Yes please!

I succombed, girlies… I bought 3 polishes from the OPI Muppets Collection, as Asos were offering 25% for one day with a valid NUS Extra card. Oh and I got 20% off in Pizza Hut with my NUS Extra card so it is now a vital accessory within my purse! So yep, look out for the Muppets polishes… hint, I’m having a bit of a glitter craze-phase at the mo! Hope you’re all well.

Emma x

Disclaimer: I paid (well Andy paid) for the manicure and I don’t own the polish!