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OMG Nail Strips – Blue Leopard Nail Polish Strips

Hello everyone! It’s getting very close to Christmas! I hope whatever you celebrate, you are having a great time of year. I was kindly sent two sets of Nail Strips by OMG Nail Strips, who are a US brand committed to bringing beautiful, affordable nail designs to everybody in the simple form of the nail wrap/nail strip. I’ve reviewed a couple of nail wraps from other brands before now, and I have to say these are my favourite so far.

I firstly want to mention that OMG Nail Strips ship internationally, so this is accessible for those of us in the UK too :).

OMG Nail Strips Blue Leopard
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Elegant Touch Envy Wraps – Leopard Aqua

Press Sample

Hey everyone 🙂 I have some really funky wraps to show you today! I have to pre-warn you; I have never quite got the hang of wraps but I am really starting to enjoy wearing them. Especially at the end of a 14hr working day, the last thing I want to do is paint my nails (hello… sleep!!!) so it’s a lot easier just to pop on some nail wraps and your nails will still look fab the next day – no dry time, no sheet marks… yay!

Elegant Touch are really developing their wrap designs, the styles lately seem to follow fashion trends too so if you’re fashion savvy, these are for you! I always love leopard print nails – I never wear leopard print on my clothes… it just seems a bit much for my eyes, but I like the delicacy of them on nails. The nice thing about these wraps is there’s a bit more detail involved than you can achieve easily with handpainted nail art so you can get quick easy nail art with no hassle!

Elegant Touch Leopard Aqua Envy Wraps (4)

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YRNails.com Full Nail Wraps

Hey everyone! How are you? I’ve had a bit of an eventful couple of days – I’m learning to drive but I’ve just been rear-ended on a roundabout so it might be a while before I can get back behind the wheel as our car is almost certainly written off 🙁 it was a shock and a half but could have been so much worse so I’m counting my lucky stars!

First of all I want to thank Lynz for her patience with me as it took me quite a while to get this review up, my life schedule is way too busy for my liking!

She kindly sent me these beautiful water decal full nail wraps  which were a lot of fun to try out and I love the designs on them, especially the super cute skull designs! I must forewarn you that my application of these was a little on the shaky-hand side of things so on most people these will look perfect! I’ve never tried water decals of any kind before so for me the first two were trial-and error, you can probably guess which they were ;).

YRNails yrnails.com beautiful nail decals designs wraps skulls watercolour dots uk blog review water applied
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