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BruzZ Nail Brush Review

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good week – despite the miserable weather we have at the moment!

A little while ago I was kindly sent the BruzZ nail brush to try out. It’s billed as ‘the most hygienic nail brush in the world’ as it’s made of antibacterial bristles, which are removable and dishwasher safe, so they can be cleaned thoroughly to within an inch of their lives!

As with a normal nail brush, you start off by squeezing some soap into the centre, with a little warm water, and get scrubbing. The BruzZ is specially designed to minimise spray from the brush (which is handy, since somehow nail brush spray ALWAYS stains the mirror!). It’s also vanilla scented.

Bruzz Nail Brush
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Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat

Hey everyone 🙂 a couple of weeks back I showed you the new Barry M Speedy Collection and the Spring 2015 Barry M Gelly additions – at the same time they released the new Gelly Hi-Shine “Plumpy” Topcoat, which I was also sent to review. I thought I’d try it out for a little while to give a proper overview on it, hence why this review is a little late! 🙂

As this is part of the Gelly range, it’s designed to have a ‘gel effect’ to look nice and glossy and slightly thick.

Barry M Plumpy Gelly Topcoat 2
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The Edge Nails – Nail Care

Hi everyone! If you read my last post you’ll remember The Edge Nails, a professional brand that makes nail polish, soak-off gel, and assorted nail care. They were kind enough to send me some nail care bits and pieces to try out, so I have a quick review of them here today 🙂

I keep meaning to post more nail care blog posts on here, as over the last 4 years of using nail products I’ve found out a lot of tips and tricks that are worth sharing, so I am aiming to cover more products like this in the future. Let me know what you think!

The Edge Nails Nail Care
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