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Wiki’d Nails Challenge: Tattoo Nail Art

Hey everyone! So you may have noticed lately that I’ve been posting a lot of press sample-based reviews – mainly because I’ve been inundated and the whole process takes quite a while so when I finally finish one, I don’t necessarily want to jump in and write another post ‘for myself’ if that makes sense. But of course that’s ended up that I haven’t done many ‘myself’ posts lately, so I’ve jumped onto a challenge run by my wonderful friendx Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) and Lisa (of Starfish Nails). Unfortunately I am already nearly 2 weeks late – oops – but better late than never I suppose!

This challenge is called the ‘Wiki’d Nails Challenge’, where basically the theme is randomly chosen from Wikipedia. Each week, you have to create some nail art based around the theme of that week. So this week is tattoos – a subject I think about endlessly so tattoo nail art was a great starting point for me!

I don’t actually have any tattoos myself (mainly due to my indecisiveness) but I am forever planning what I think I’d like in the future. This week, I based my nail look on one of my favourite styles – black linework. If you want to check out an artist I really like, look at ‘DotstoLines‘ by Chaim Machlev – his work was on Buzzfeed a while ago and it’s pretty cool! Anyway – enough waffling…!

Tattoo Nail Art
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MoYou Nails – Stamping Plates 125 & 132, Persian Turquoise Nail Polish Review

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of stamping plates and a ‘special nail polish’ by MoYou Nails to review. First of all, I have a confession to make. I have never even attempted stamping before this review, so not only did this provide me with some inspiration for a blogpost, but also with the opportunity to try stamping out for the first time! Exciting stuff. I feel like this is a sacrilege to be written on a nail blog, but there we go!

Moyou Stamping Plates

On the left we have Stamping Plate 125, and on right, Stamping Plate 132.
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Nella Milano Sunny Yellow

Press Sample

Hello lovely ladies 🙂 I’ve got another Nella Milano polish to show you today! If you remember last week I showed you Nella Milano Violet, today I have a lovely yellow for you.  Nella Milano by MoYou Nails is a new brand of nail polish made in Italy. I know yellow isn’t strictly a winter colour but personally I can get tired of the same old dark nails all winter long. Besides, soon it will be the new year, time to pick up pastels and brights ready for spring! 🙂

Yellow is always hard to get right in a polish. For a start there’s the streaky factor – I think I’ve used two yellows ever that haven’t been streaky – and then there’s the skin-clashing factor. It’s hard to find the perfect tone of yellow for your own skin tone, but I think this one just *might*! be one that suits anyone! **please bear in mind that with colours like this my camera always picks up red tones when they aren’t particularly prominent, even for me the lobster-ness is profuse in these pics!**

Nella Milano Sunny Yellow 008 creme nail polish cream bright yellow pastel egg yolk non streaky flattering uk blog swatches review swatch

Nella Milano Sunny Yellow 008 creme nail polish cream bright yellow pastel egg yolk non streaky flattering uk blog swatches review swatch

I honestly really like this tone of yellow on my nails. In the bottle I wasn’t keen but I feel like it’s the first yellow I could happily wear without gloves to hide my clashing skin from the world! It makes me think of omelettes, the yolk in fried eggs sunny-side-down, scrambled eggs, etc. 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked on my nails.


To be totally frank, this polish will not give you adequate coverage at one coat, as claimed on the bottle. In fact the photos show 3 coats – at two coats the polish is a little streaky, so I added a third to even everything out. I personally don’t mind needing 2-3 coats, although I know some people do. It does dry quickly, and to a very shiny finish, so you won’t need topcoat unless you want it to last a while 🙂

I’m really pleased with this, I feel like I’ll probably wear it a lot come springtime!

You can buy Nella Milano Sunny Yellow from the MoYou Nails website, where its RRP is £7.99 but at the time of writing it is on sale at £5.49, or you can buy three for £13.50!

What do you think of yellows? I know they aren’t for everyone but I’m slowly becoming a fan (partly because Vod on Fresh Meat wears it a lot!)


Nella Milano Violet

Press Sample

Hello lovelies, I have a new brand to show you today! Nella Milano by MoYou Nails is a new brand of nail polish made in Italy. Their claim is one coat colour- exciting, but that always depends on the polish, the nails, the application, etc, so we’ll see! 🙂 I was pleased to see a fairly good range of creme polishes, and Violet in particular caught my eye.

Nella Milano Violet 005 nail polish made in italy vibrant pink purple creme one coat orchid barry m limited edition sugary lilac moyou nails omg review uk blog swatch swatches

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