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Rimmel Black Cab + Layering polishes!

It’s been a while… In fact I’ve even been absent from Twitter, and I don’t really have a reason. I’m sorry. Anyway, I hit 100 followers while I wasn’t on here – hello to my 100th follower: “evercouldbe” πŸ™‚

I have for you today a very standard black creme, which, if you’ve been reading my blog posts carefully enough πŸ˜‰ is probably my least favourite choice of nail polish, which is why I couldn’t leave it alone! In fact I only bought this polish to use as a base for nail art and layering. Enter Rimmel London Black Cab!

A very bog standard black: opaque in 2 coats, glossy, tacky. I just don’t like it! It really suits some people, but I’m just not one of those people! Oh, a word to the wise, this polish actually takes a fair while to properly dry, it was sheet-marks galore this morning!

So here are the layering polishes I used – these are all far too sheer to be used alone (i.e. they would NEVER reach opacity, believe me, I’ve tried!)

Left to right: 2true Glossywear Shade 2 (worn on my index finger), MaxFactor Nailfinity Extra Frost (middle finger), 2true Glossywear shade 10 (ring finger), Natural Collection Lunar Haze (pinkie finger).

Onto the beautiful pictures – there’s a few, I’m sorry! πŸ˜›

The final photo shows how the polishes look when in a dim light, i.e. in my bedroom which gets no sunlight whatsoever. I’m going to break these down into each layering polish for you.

  1. 2true Glossywear Shade No. 2 (index finger)Β – This is a glitter polish, but instead of a clear base it has purple/pink/blue duochrome shimmer in the base. It also has quite a uniquely-shaped silver glitter suspended in it, which spreads very evenly across the nail. The glitter is kind of linear and almost looks like tiny shreds of aluminium foil πŸ™‚ it gives a very pretty, unique effect. It dries quickly and the effect is reached in one coat. This one looks amazing over pink, purple and blue polishes too πŸ™‚ Β£1.99 from Superdrug.
  2. MaxFactor Nailfinity Extra Frost (middle finger) – This is a very pretty blue shimmer topcoat, which has tiny silver microshimmer particles throughout. The name is very apt – if you think of frost you think blue for icy and glistening icicles etc. I love this one. Dries fairly quickly and the effect is reached in one coat. This one looks amazing over purples, greys, blues etc. Absolutely beautiful. Β£5.99 from Boots or Superdrug or most large shops (e.g. Tesco).
  3. 2true Glossywear Shade No. 10 (ring finger) – This is a gorgeous green shimmer with a very purple base. I wish this one could be opaque in the bottle colour as it’s gorgeous! An amazing duochrome of purple and green. Over dark colours you tend to see the green shimmer with hints of a pinky-purple. It gives this lovely extra dimension to a polish. It’s so hard to describe haha! This looks gorgeous over pale colours too. Over white you see more of the bottle colour purple. This one dries quickly and creates the duochrome green in one coat. I love it! It kind of reminds me of that duochrome you get on some seaside shells and oyster shells and such πŸ˜› Β£1.99 from Superdrug.
  4. Natural Collection Lunar Haze (pinkie finger) – This isΒ a pearly purple-blue duochrome, it definitely leans more blue than the pictures let on. However it’s much more purple-y than MaxFactor’s Extra Frost. It has a very pearlescent finish, it’s probably the most work-appropriate of the four. This one, too, dries quickly and reaches the effect in one coat. Β£1.89 from Boots.
So overall, these are all very beautiful, affordable layering polishes, which really brighten up a tired or slightly chipped manicure. Definitely recommended! How about you guys – any good layering polishes to report?
I hope you are all doing well, I’m starting uni a week today so I’m getting tres nervous! I will be posting up a giveaway shortly to signify my lovely 100 followers, keep an eye out for it πŸ˜‰
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.