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Geometric Nail Art

One of my (blogging) New Year’s resolutions was to do at least 20 nail art posts this year – that’s just under 2 a month, and I have just realised that the end of January is fast approaching! I actually did this particular manicure about 2 weeks ago, but got distracted writing my 2014 Year in Review post and my  4 Year Blogiversary post – apologies! You will also notice that my nails are particularly short in this post – I had a low break over Christmas and decided to cut them all down and start over. Somehow that always feels so refreshing! (Anyone else?)

Anyway, I dug out some old nail vinyls that I haven’t used in a while, and decided to play around with them. I fancied something angular so out came the lightning shapes.

Geometric Nail Art
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Purple – Rainbow Series

Hey everyone! Today myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes  are doing the Rainbow Series a few days late, due mainly to my own lack of organisation! Today is purple – purple’s not a colour that immediately sticks out in my head as being a favourite, but I had a look through my collection and I have a huuuuge amount of purple favourites – again these change all the time, but at the moment some of the ones that really appeal to me are in this post 🙂

Favourite purple nail polish
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Red-y for Spring – Rainbow Series with Pocket Money Polishes!

Hello lovelies! Today marks the beginning of a new weekly series with myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes. This will be called the “Rainbow Series with Pocket Money Polishes“. Each week we will each post a colour-themed blogpost on both our blogs, so make sure you check hers out too!

As it’s the starting week, the theme is red, so I’ve picked out my top ten red nail polishes. (This was hard – it’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child!). I really really love red polish but I don’t wear it all that often, but hopefully these posts will get me pulling out polishes I don’t normally use!

Red-Y for Spring collaboration post
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Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Hello lovelies- first and foremost I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year! Sorry I’ve (again) been absent… I *hope* I have a good enough reason… Andy and I are moving into our first home together, in a different city *eek* so I’m super excited/busy/stressed/exhausted/thinking a million things a minute. This also means I’m being productive, which also means my blog takes a little bit of a sideline to priorities like sorting out insurance, packing, cancelling incorrectly taken direct debits (side story: Tesco screwed me over!). Anywho, since it has been a good 5 days since I posted, I thought I’d update you all! 🙂

Last year, I bought the Ciaté Mini Mani Month (nail polish advent calender) in a fit of indulgence, loved opening all the doors and looking at all the cute polishes but never used any of them. Not for the whole year. How bad is that! So I promised myself this year, if I bought it, I HAD to use them. And so far I’m doing pretty good – this mani alone consists of 6 Mini Mani Month offerings! Anyway, I bought the Mini Mani Month half price in their Christmas Day sale… for just £21! £24.95 delivered… that works out at just over £1 per bottle! It is still on sale on the Ciaté website so grab it while you can! <3

I was very much inspired by an image Jess from Fat Puss Polish posted on Facebook… Well okay, I lie, I stole her idea for my accent nail. It was just amazingly pretty and haunted my mind until I finally had the Mini Mani Month in my hands!

Ciate Mini Mani Month Glitter Nail Art Gradient polish grey gold iridescent silver nude shimmer day 9 14 16 23 locket members only pillow fight  party shoes uk review swatch swatches blog
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Ciaté Pocket Money

Once again Ciaté and Marie Claire have collaborated so that we readers can get a free bottle of Ciaté nail polish with this month’s edition of the magazine, priced fairly reasonably at £3.80 (compared with Ciaté’s RRP of £9.00 I think that’s quite a good deal!). They also offer 20% off any purchases at Ciaté online with a code I have yet to find! In June of last year Ciaté offered three polishes (which I strongly suspect were repromotes of existing shades marauding under different names!); Bon Bon, Jelly Bean and Purple Sherbet.

The two shades on offer this Spring are Pocket Money and Sand Dune. Today I am showing you Pocket Money, a pinky-brown creme polish.

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