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Halloween Nails

Hey there! 🙂 So I realise I am a day late; every year I intend to do a ‘Halloween Nail Art’ post to show you all before Halloween actually occurs, but by nature I am always LATE! So I decided this year, late is better than never (and since it’s the weekend, a lot of you will still have Halloween celebrations to be going to, no?). I am also pretty happy with this year’s offering, so wanted to share with you!

Halloween Nail Art nails
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Penguin & Snowman Nail Art

So at Christmas more than any other time of year, all the nail brands start retweeting and sharing all our festive manicures and nail art. Yes I have been sucked onto the bandwagon, mainly because I love Christmas, I’ve regretted not doing it previous years, it’s cute, and I haven’t done nail art in ages!

Growing up my favourite animal was a penguin (they are still in the top running) and I always had a trademark simple penguin drawing I would put everywhere. I love them, I think they are super cute little animals 🙂 (birds?). And snowmen… what better to get you in the festive mood!

This is a super easy design to create, it definitely looks better in person than in these photos but I’ll explain to you how to create the designs step-by-step.

Penguin Snowman snow nail art christmas nail polish snowflake holo glitter barry m nail art pens snow effect cute christmassy festive simple easy short nails uk blog

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Barry M Nail Art Pens

I’m super excited for today’s blog post, I have fallen in love with this product from the moment I first saw the press release to the moment  I used them on my own nails: Barry M Nail Art Pens.

If you have ever used the squeezy nail art pens which are abundant in today’s market (for example, from Rio Beauty, Models Own, and various lesser-known brands) you will know that the flow of the ink/polish is quite hard to control mid-design: squeeze too much, and you are rewarded with a large splodge of polish all over your neat design; squeeze too little and you end up scratching your design into the base colour. It’s a little finicky. Enter Barry M Nail Art Pens. Now I know they aren’t the first brand to be using this design of pen, Finishing Touches by Superdrug have been using it for a while but to be honest I’ve never tried them (I have made a mental note to buy them for comparison asap!) and I know other brands such as Topshop have also used a similar pen design but you all know how much I love my Barry M, so of course I’m excited!

Barry M Nail Art Pen pens black white silver pink felt tip free flowing ink paint quick drying review swatches test swatch uk nail polish blog tribal aztec design (2)

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