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Stellar Nail Polish - Imagination In Colour

Stellar Nail Polish

Hello lovely people. Today I have another exciting instalment of nail polishes from the lovely Ruth of Stellar Nail Polish, who kindly sent them for me to review. This time they are all named after songs by Scandinavian bands, and they are all gorgeous!

What I love about Ruth’s brand is that you can listen to the song that inspired the nail polish – which I think is such a nice touch and really gives some insight into the thought process behind each colour. As always, each is unique and super pretty!! 🙂

Stellar 170 (Kaizers Orchestra)

Stellar 170 (Kaizers Orchestra)

170 (Kaizers Orchestra)

I thought I’d start with the real headturner of the bunch. This is a stunning duochrome with an absolute tonne of reflective shimmer, as well as some gorgeous dusky pink microglitter (I’m sure there’s even more to it but I can’t focus on all the different colours with my inferior eyeballs!). I’ve never seen a nail polish quite like it. At certain angles it’s a strong teal, while at others it’s a mauvey-pink. It also has a strong grey cast, which makes it all the more deep and interesting. Fascinating!

This applied well, although a tiny bit thick, and was nearly opaque at just one coat. It dries quickly to a dull-ish finish, so definitely use topcoat to get the best out of it. It’s beautiful!

Stellar I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li)

I Follow Rivers (Lykke Li)

This is on equal amazingness-apr with 170. It’s an exceptional bright blue foily-shimmer, filled with gold microglitter. It’s like OPI Absolutely Alice but a LOT more stunning. This is incredibly reflective and so eye-catching, I really can’t tell you without you seeing in person.

It’s opaque at just one coat, and applies nice and evenly. If you are too heavy-handed it can drag a little but nothing severe. It dries quickly to a bumpy finish, but this is fixed with topcoat. It’s gorgeous with and without topcoat – without it has a different finish but isn’t dull because it’s so reflective. The topcoat brings out the gold glitter.

Stellar Torrent (Ásgeir)

Torrent (Ásgeir)

This is a gorgeously deep inky green jelly. It’s so dark it almost looks black, but it’s just beautiful and so flattering. It has goldeny-green glitter in, which just peeks through the green and looks so deep! The way the glitter settles under the polish almost gives it a textured appearance which is so unique and pretty.

For a jelly this is amazingly opaque, and fully so at just 2 coats. Despite this the glitter is still visible through it so it’s very pretty! It applies well – a little thick but I think that’s because it’s a mini (mini bottles often tend to hinder application for some reason!). It dries quickly to a gorgeous glossy finish. It does dry a little bumpy where the glitters are, so I’d recommend using topcoat.

Stellar Voodoo (Skambankt)

Voodoo (Skambankt)

This is a gorgeous red jelly, filled with iridescent and white glitters of various shapes and sizes. I love that the shapes are so different on each nail, and the way they peek through the layers of polish is just gorgeous. It’s understated but beautiful.

This one also applies well, and is totally opaque at 2 coats. The glitter needs a tiny bit of placement so it doesn’t all drag to the end of the nail, but it’s nothing too tricky. It dries quickly and to a lovely glossy shine. It dries to a nice flat finish too.


These are all stunning nail polishes but if I had to choose just one, it would have to be I Follow Rivers. It’s such a headturner and I’ve never had a finish quite like it, in the thousands of nail polishes I’ve ever tried! So unique and so so pretty. I definitely recommend you check them out on the Stellar Nail Polish etsy shop, where there are plenty of other polishes to check out too! 🙂 The full size nail polishes are £6.00.

Ruth also sells handmade rings on her website, and she sent me a few to try. They all come on adjustable rings, so you don’t need to worry about their size. These are the gorgeous duochrome shell rings (please excuse the flash, it was the only thing that would show the duochrome effect!):


Let me know what you think! 🙂