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Stellar Nail Polish Holographic Collection - Imagination In Colour

Stellar Nail Polish Holographic Collection

Hey lovelies!! I have been leading a somewhat hectic lifestyle the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of blogposts – I promise I am trying to get on top of it all!

I have some stunning nail polishes to show you today. These are the new holographic polishes from the lovely UK indie brand ‘Stellar’, which is run by a lovely friend of mine, Ruth :). She has kindly sent these to me for review – and review them I shall! Stellar polishes are all rigorously tested by Ruth, and she actually uses a safe, spectraflair alternative to create her holographic polishes. Her polishes are also 5-free and cruelty-free – yay! 🙂

Please excuse my slightly short nails – I had two nail disasters on one day and they’ve been slowly growing back for two weeks!

Stellar Iron Sky (Paolo Nutini)

Iron Sky (Paolo Nutini)

This polish is a stunning indigo blue/purple – I really can’t decide which it is because the base seems blue but it has a stunning purple shimmer which didn’t show up too well in this picture. This is definitely my favourite of the 5, as the holographic shimmer twinkles through the pigment like a starry night sky. It’s stunning!

Application: The first coat was perfect, and the second coat needed to be fairly generous to stop dragging but that wasn’t an issue The polish dries fairly matte so make sure you use a lovely thick topcoat to make the best of this polish! Totally opaque at 2 coats, and dries in average time.

Stellar SAIL (Awolnation)

SAIL (Awolnation)

This is a lovely bright turquoise shimmer polish, full of the holo sparkle. The colour is really bright and just perfect for the summer. This would look fantastic with a tan! (Not that my skin appears to ever have even heard of a tan…!)

Application: This has a nice thin formula. Again you will need a generous second coat for ease of application, but it’s worth it I promise! This too dries fairly matte, so make sure you add topcoat. Opaque at 2 coats, and it dries in average time.

Stellar It Ends Tonight (All American Rejects)

It Ends Tonight (All American Rejects)

This is a lovely medium purple creme filled with the holographic sparkle. I really love this colour, I find it really flattering and it looks amazing with the holo!

Application: This one has a slightly thicker formula, but again this wasn’t a problem, as it’s easily worked with by giving a generous second coat. The finish is a shiny matte, so definitely add topcoat for the full effect. It’s opaque in 2 coats and dries quickly.

Stellar Strong (London Grammar)

Strong (London Grammar)

This is my other favourite of the polishes. This is a gorgeous orchid-type lilac shimmer, filled with the holographic sparkles. I adore this, I think it’s really girly and pretty!

Application: This has a thinner formula and is really easy to apply. It’s totally opaque in 2 coats and dries in average time. It dries a little matter so again make sure you add topcoat.

Stellar Courage and Control (Brandon Boyd)

Courage and Control (Brandon Boyd)

This polish is a gorgeous cherry-pink with a red base. Again it has a tonne of holographic sparkle, and I can definitely make out some pink shimmer in it too. This one is super pretty and I think this will look great on toes!

Application: This one has a thinner formula too, so it’s very easy to work with. It dries semi-matte so you will need topcoat. It’s opaque at 2 coats and dries quite quickly.


While the holographic sparkle isn’t too apparent in my pictures, you will have to trust me that it’s there! If you click on the pictures to make them bigger they may be more obvious. They are very apparent in direct light and sunlight, and more subtle in natural or dull lighting. Which is how I personally prefer my holo, but I know that everyone has a different opinion on these things! If you love subtle holos then you will love this collection – and I think the safer alternative is a great way to enjoy a holographic finish without any health risks to the maker or the user.

I really love this collection! I always love that all Ruth’s polishes are inspired by music- I enjoy playing the track for each polish when I’m applying them! 😀

You can buy these polishes from Stellar Nail Polish on Etsy, where they are being sold at a very reasonable £6 each, considering they are all handcrafted by Ruth in her spare time :). Each bottle contains 10ml, so you will get a good amount of polish for your money! 🙂

Let me know what you think of these in the comments!