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Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land - Imagination In Colour

Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well :).

Today I have a nice palate cleanser polish, that happens to also be an indie! Often I tend to go for the WOW factor with indies, or the total glitter bombs… but sometimes it’s nice to have something that’s soft and cute, with a smattering of glitter that’s tasteful and not so in-your-face. This polish is wow, but in a softer more subtle way than a lot of holo-packed, glitter-packed polishes!

I feel like this nail varnish is a great way to wear glitter to work, for more professional jobs. And I know I’ve mentioned this before but I just LOVE the Scofflaw logo design. It really attracts me.

Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land

Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land (2)

Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land (3)

Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land (4)Cloud Cuckoo Land is a very pale pink crelly, filled with aubergine matte glitters in large and small hexagons, small matte white hexagons, small metallic pink hexagons, and lilac and gold metallic hexagonal medium-sized glitter. I’m not sure why, maybe I’m going off my rocker but this polish feels really clean to me… My nails looked so neat with this on, it was very aesthetically pleasing! I was pleasantly surprised because this has been an untried for nearly a year – I hardly ever reach for polishes like this but I will be doing so much more often! Please excuse any sheet marks you see… I really didn’t see them until I edited these photos, which is annoying!


This polish takes 3 coats for full opacity. This could be avoided by layering it over a white or a very pale pink. However I quite like the slightly hidden glitter you get by layering it up on its own. It dries quickly but to quite a dull finish, and the finish is a tiny bit bumpy, so I’d recommend using a topcoat to make the most of this pretty polish. Glitter placement was pretty even with the exception of the large matte purple hexagons. They aren’t that big but I did need to fish for them, and found it easier to place them myself rather than just apply with the polish, to avoid dragging. This is probably because the glitter in this polish sinks a lot – you do need to give the bottle a good shake before use. With that said, it’s not a huge deal and probably only took me 2-3 mins more than normal application.

Despite the application tweaks needed, I do really love this polish and don’t feel that the application is a problem really. I would buy this again – I really loved wearing this and couldn’t stop staring at it because it’s so pretty! I think what I love most about Scofflaw is that they are always totally totally unique polishes, they’re never anything that I’d have thought to put together in a bottle and I love that!

I bought my Scofflaw Cloud Cuckoo Land from Llarowe, but I don’t honestly know if she’ll be restocking this one. You can also buy it from Rainbow Connection for just £8, it’s in stock at the moment too! For those of you in the US, Finch (creator of Scofflaw) will be restocking it on 17th March, 8pm CST on the Scofflaw site.