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Rimmel London Rita Ora Colourfest 2015 Review & Swatches

Rimmel London Rita Ora Colourfest 2015 Review & Swatches

Hi everyone! I’ve just checked back and it’s nearly a whole month since I’ve posted… I’m so sorry! My life has been a bit crazy hectic the last few weeks. I hope you’ve had a good month anyway. June marked the 6th year of my relationship, and a fresh new haircut, as well as some gorgeous weather which is brilliant when you live just by the sea!

Aaaanyway… about 2 months ago (where does the time go?!) Rimmel very kindly sent me a huge package of nail polish to review – I think the total was around 50 nail polishes which, as I’m sure you can imagine, was an amazing surprise. I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with how to get them all done though, hence the length of time it’s taken me to post this! I should probably stop waffling now though 🙂

This is the Rimmel London Rita Ora Colourfest collection – 2015 edition. If you remember last March, Rimmel brought out the first Rita Ora Collection which I blogged about at the time (check out the differences between my swatches then and now!), which was a really nice 12-strong collection with lots of staple colours. This one is the same, again with 12 colours, but a lot more spring/summery than last time 🙂 These also have a festival-theme which you will notice from the names!

These are all 60-second nail polishes (although I don’t think it’s necessarily actually 60 seconds, they are pretty quick drying), and Rimmel claim these to be 3-in-1 (basecoat, colour and topcoat). Personally I think you should always use basecoat to prevent staining and drying of the nails, but these are glossy enough to skip the topcoat.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Collection 2015

Don’t they all look pretty?! I love how the writing and dots of the flowers match the nail polish colour exactly – it’s the little things 🙂


Since these all applied virtually the same I’ll save all the writing and say these all applied perfectly in 2 coats – no dragging, lovely smooth formula and all dried pretty quickly. They also all dry to a glossy finish (still improved with topcoat but good to go alone), all last a good 3 days at least with no chips and all are easy to remove. The brush is the traditional thick wide Rimmel brush which personally I’m not a big fan of, but it does get the job done 🙂 just be careful not to load the brush up too much!

If there are any additional notes I’ll put them below the picture of each one.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Go Wild-Er-Ness

558 Go Wild-Er-Ness

This is a gorgeous lilac creme. I’ve worn this one a LOT!

Rimmel London Rita Ora Bestival Blue

860 Bestival Blue

This one is a perfect baby blue creme. It got a lot of love when I posted it on Instagram!

Rimmel London Roll In The Grass

878 Roll In The Grass

This is a pure mint green creme. This one I luuurve a lot too!

Rimmel London Rita Ora Rain Rain Go Away

498 Rain Rain Go Away

This is a lovely taupe creme which I used in my ‘Tattoo Inspired Nail Art‘ a few weeks back!

Rimmel London Rita Ora Peachella

408 Peachella

This is a warm peach creme. I love the name! By my normal requisites I wouldn’t like this colour on me but something about it is actually really flattering, despite my pink-toned skin.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Oragina

413 Oragina

This is a slightly darker, more pink-toned peach creme than Peachella. This one is also flattering on me, surprisingly!

Rimmel London Rita Ora Sweet Retreat

270 Sweet Retreat

This is the perfect baby pink creme. Not too pale and not too sickly. I kind of like it – which is pretty good going for me and baby pink!

Rimmel London Rita Ora Neon Fest

322 Neon Fest

This is a bright pink creme. It’s not actually neon, but it is pretty bright and eye catching.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Tangerine Tent

400 Tangerine Tent

This a bright orange creme-jelly (crelly) finish.VERY gorgeous but I’m afraid I just don’t like this colour for nails! It’s definitely the best pure orange I’ve tried in a long time, though.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Daisy Days

450 Daisy Days

This is a soft buttery yellow creme. Gorgeous colour and great application for a yellow – unfortunately not really a great colour for pink-toned skin like mine!

Rimmel London Rita Ora Port-A-Loo-Blue

880 Port-A-Loo-Blue

This is a turquoisey-teal green blue creme – impossible to photograph! I tried just about everything possible to get this to look accurate but nothing doing. It’s pretty much this colour in person though. Beware with this one as it does stain ferociously – DEFINITELY wear basecoat, preferably 2 coats and don’t soak it off.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Glaston-Berry

300 Glaston-Berry

This is a lovely bright red creme. It’s not often a red will stand out to me but there’s something about this finish that I really like, so it’s a keeper for me!


I’m really impressed with the formula of these – it’s pretty great to get a full collection with more or less identical formulas and great finishes! I also really love the colour selection – more so than last year’s selection, but that may be because I’m really into brights and pastels at the moment! The only one that disappointed me slightly was Port-A-Loo-Blue because of the staining, but other than that I think they’re great.

If I had to choose four, they would be Go Wild-Er-Ness, Roll In The Grass, Rain Rain Go Away and Bestival Blue 🙂

These retail for £2.99 each which really can’t be faulted – I would totally go out and buy all twelve of these as they’re such good quality and really nice summery colours. I have been wearing them a LOT lately! 🙂 They are available in Boots and Superdrug, as well as most supermarkets that sell Rimmel too.

What do you think of these? Which are your favourite colours? Let me know in the comments!