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Rimmel Kate Salon Pro Autumn Winter 2014 - Imagination In Colour

Rimmel Kate Salon Pro Autumn Winter 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week. I was lucky to be sent 5 of the new Rimmel ‘by Kate’ Salon Pro nail polishes – I’d actually seen these a couple of weeks ago in Boots and really loved the look of the greens so I was excited to see these! The Salon Pro polishes all have a flat wide brush, which I know can make application a little tricky for people with slim nail beds, but personally with my wide ones, it’s a bonus. All five of these nail polishes are named after planets, which really appeals to me 🙂

I adore the colours of autumn and winter and I really feel that brands nail the A/W colours better than any other colour of the year. Rimmel is no exception; take a peek at these beauties!

Rimmel Saturn Kate

Rimmel by Kate – Saturn

I wanted to start with my favourite because this polish is just stunning. It’s a grey-black base filled with a gorgeous olivey-gold shimmer. It’s a lot like China Glaze Wagon Trail, but I think it’s a little lighter in the base. I just can’t tell you how much I love this and I think I’ll be wearing this a LOT this autumn. I can’t think of a skin colour that this polish wouldn’t flatter!

Application-wise it’s honestly flawless. It applies like butter and is totally opaque in 2 coats. It dries ever so slightly dull, so does benefit from a coat of topcoat to really bring out the shimmer. It also dries quickly… I really can’t fault it!

Rimmel Mercury Kate

Rimmel by Kate – Mercury

In the bottle this is a light olive green with rose-gold shimmer, however the rose-gold shimmer is pretty much lost on the nail. It turns up as a light olive green heavy shimmer – it’s almost a frost but not quite. It’s very flattering and a nice change to the traditional frosty gold.

This one has a good formula and is totally opaque at 2 coats. It does tend to show brush strokes though, so you need to be careful to only paint in straight lines from cuticle to tip. It dries quickly and to a dullish finish (although I think this rather suits the shimmery frosty finish). It looks great with or without topcoat.

Rimmel Moon Kate

Rimmel by Kate – Moon

This is a darkened blue-grey creme. I make no secret of the fact that I tend to think a grey is a grey is a grey… and I was slightly disappointed to see another grey in an A/W collection (don’t we have enough already?!). However, when I dutifully swatched this I took my photos and went to make a cup of tea, I looked, and looked again. This is honestly the most flattering grey I think I’ve ever worn – consider me converted! There’s a gorgeous blue tone to this slatey dark grey, which makes it very very flattering to my pink-toned skin.

Application-wise it’s perfection. It has a slightly crelly-ish quality to it, meaning it looks squishy and slightly sheer but builds up perfectly in 2 coats. It dries quickly and to a high shine finish. No complaints!

If you are wondering how similar this polish is to Barry M Chai Gelly, you’ll be pleased to know that this is a good bit darker and deeper than Chai.

Rimmel Mars Kate

Rimmel by Kate – Mars

This is a lovely bright, blue-toned red jelly. I find it hard to distinguish much between reds to be honest with you, so I couldn’t tell you how unique this is, but I know it gives a great finish and will serve you well if you are looking for a lovely bright staple red.

Mars (how perfect the name seems!) applies very well with no streaking or bald patches, however I think due to the brightness you will always be able to see a bit of the free edge through it. It’s nothing major and quite standard with a jellyish red. It dries quickly and to a nice shine – looks best with an extra coat of topcoat. This polish does stain a little bit, particularly if you have any dry skin or dry cuticles it will stain them for a good few washes so always wear basecoat with this one.

Rimmel Venus Kate

Rimmel by Kate – Venus

This is a beauuuutiful rich blue-toned red jelly – quite a bit deeper than Mars and very autumnal. It the picture it looks a little bit patchy or thin in places but it wasn’t very noticeable in person. It’s a classic morello cherry colour and if you don’t have a shade like it I’d definitely recommend Venus as your staple.

Application was a little patchy in places, so you need 2-3 coats to finish it all off depending on how the first coats go. The photo shows two but I probably should have added another. It dries quickly to a lovely high shine, and the jelly nature of it gives a lovely depth to the finish.


The only two I’d skip in this collection would be the two reds; Mars and Venus, mainly because (in my mind, at least) you can only have so many red cremes/jellies before you kind of have them all. But I know there are some avid red collectors out there so each to their own! 🙂 I would say that you can’t miss Saturn, that’s the definite standout of the collection for me.

The Rimmel by Kate Salon Pro polishes are all available in Boots (online here) and Superdrug instore (currently not online) for £4.49 each. Which I think is quite a good price point – it’s still affordable and they are great quality.

Let me know what you think of these gorgeous ‘Fall’ colours!