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Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon - Imagination In Colour

Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon

Hey there lovely ladies (and gents? Give me a shout if you’re a gent – I’m trying to persuade my brother that it would be totally cool for a man to wear nail polish!). A few weeks ago Revlon Parfumerie hit our shelves… well some shelves, in Boots. I’ve been looking at them for ages but just couldn’t decide which to buy – only a couple grabbed me but a lot were easily duped in my existing collection. I decided that I would have to try one, for blogging purposes of course 😉 so the lovely hot pink Ginger Melon came home with me. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have seriously neglected pinks of late so what better way than to jump back in the deep end with a hot bright pink?!

Now these ‘Parfumerie’ have been around for a good while for our US friends, but now that they’ve finally landed on UK shores there has been some excitement about them! I think a lot of it is to do with the retro perfume-bottle style shape, which is adorably cute and definitely not as much of a hindrance for application as I’d anticipated. Oh and the fact that these all have individual scents, largely based around the name of each nail varnish.

Revlon Ginger Melon Parfumerie

Revlon Ginger Melon Parfumerie 2

Revlon Ginger Melon Parfumerie 3

The polish is a bright corally-pink crelly. In some lights it seems like your average bright pink, and in others it seems almost glowing with brightness. It’s very pretty, and has reminded me to wear more pinks because they are ever so flattering! I don’t think there is a single skin colour that wouldn’t look amazing with this tone of pink.

I’m not quite sure what scent I expected from Ginger Melon… I can’t detect anything remotely ginger; Andy and I have spent a good 10 minutes trying to decipher the scent. We’re currently thinking a blend of synthetic cherry, strawberry and watermelon. It’s very sweet. Now I know a lot of people aren’t keen on scented polish or find it gives them a headache. I however am a huge fan. I find it’s like when you put on a nice perfume and catch the scent throughout the day and think “what’s that?” and realise it’s your own perfume. Every time I had my hands above boob level I smelled a lovely sweet smell which I love! But I realise it’s not for everyone.


The round cap was actually fine in terms of control and grip – no issues there. I found I needed 2-3 coats for full opacity (2 in the photos) – the slightly-jelly-like nature of this lacquer brightens the free edge which makes it harder to disguise, so if you already have a bright or stained free edge you may need a 3rd coat. I also found than the pigment can drag slightly – but not dragging in the normal fashion. It seems to pull the pigment away from a small area but still leaves colour, and somehow makes it appear darker in that patch. I find this hard to explain… but it’s easily covered up with an extra coat and isn’t visible in daylight, but in artificial light it looks quite odd! This polish dries fairly quickly, and to a lovely high shine. I added topcoat to make sure it was all even in finish. Finally I did find that I got tipwear within less than a day of wearing this polish (without topcoat) so I would definitely recommend you wrap your tips and wear topcoat with this one.

I really like this scented nail polish and I can’t wait to wear a glitter on top – I already have an idea up my sleeve which I promise to show you soon 🙂 I feel like this is not only a perfect pink staple with good coverage (compared to a lot of crelly finishes in this shade that I’ve tried) – I also think this is the perfect underwear for some pretty glitter or for some nail art.

The Revlon Parfumerie Collection is available at Boots both online and instore – they retail at £6.49… which I think can be a little steep but when these are on 3 for 2 (like now!) they’re not bad at £4.33 each – which is what convinced me I had to try them!

The ones I’ve been eyeballing are African Tea Rose, Bordeaux, Spun Sugar, Moonlit Woods, Lavender Soap, Beachy and Surf Spray (I know… not many right 😉 ) Hehe. I am really tempted to try more now because I do love a scented nail varnish and the scents of this collection sound gorgeous (and I am beyond curious to know if they smell like what they are named… although I have no idea what moonlit woods smell like! 😛 )

What do you think? What are your thoughts on scented polish?