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Revlon I'm Electro - Imagination In Colour

Revlon I’m Electro

Hello chickas! On my shopping spree recently I came across a lot of new offerings from Revlon, as well as the Parfumerie collection I was talking about in yesterday’s post. One of these was the Revlon Spiderman collection, also known as the Revlon Electric Chrome collection. It’s a collection of six colour-shifting polishes. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them duochrome as you’ll see from the pictures, but they’re pretty colours and in the bottles they look amazing. Inspired by the new film, The Amazing Spider-man 2, each bottle has a decorative gold spider web on the cap. It’s the little things! 🙂

A few of the other nail varnishes in the collection didn’t seem so unique to me so I decided to try just one, so that if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have wasted money, as I hadn’t seen any swatches at that point. I picked up I’m Electro, which in the bottle is a lovely steely blue shimmer with a purple shift. However:

Revlon Im Electro Spiderman

Revlon Im Electro Spiderman 2

Revlon Im Electro Spiderman 3I’ll be honest, there really isn’t much of a purple shift on the nail at all. I’m Electro is a grey-based polish with electric blue shimmer, which is really pretty. I’ll admit to being disappointed with the lack of duochrome, which looked much more prominent in the bottle. However this is still a pretty colour, but I’m not so keen on it as I was in the bottle.


I had a few problems with the application of this polish. I found it to be a bit streaky and quite thick. As you can probably tell there’s a lot of air bubbles, which I think is probably due to the thickness of the polish; I haven’t had so many air bubbles in a long long time. This polish doesn’t self-level very well, so it does need a careful hand and thin coats – it’s hard to get the right amount on the brush because too little with pull and dry quickly, and too much will go streaky. It dried in average time, and actually dried to quite a dull finish. So it will definitely need a topcoat.

I am quite disappointed with this polish as it looked so pretty in the bottle and in the promo pics, and because the application was quite poor. I don’t much like doing negative reviews but I know a lot of you are interested in this new collection and I’d rather be honest about the one I’ve tried and save you some pennies.

What do you think of this one? Is bad application enough to put you off, or do you find this one pretty enough to look past it?

The Revlon Electric Chrome Collection is available at Boots both online and instore – they retail at £6.49. These are on 3 for 2 currently too, so if you do fancy a whirl now is a slightly cheaper time to try them! I am still tempted to try 1000 volts as it does look pretty in the bottle but I’m not sure I’ll get it!