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Nail Art Inspired By Nature #1 - Imagination In Colour

Nail Art Inspired By Nature #1

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day. I feel like it’s a while since I really got down to doing some nail art, and ‘nail art inspired by nature’ is something that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time. There’s so many beautiful colours and patterns that you can see in the natural world that can be just breathtaking, or funky, or plain weird… I decided to ease myself into it with a simple one, for today.

I recently saw a picture of a baby red-bellied short-neck turtle which really stood out to me as a pattern and a colour combination I’d never really thought of. I couldn’t say how colour-accurate the original image is but it got me thinking, and I ended up with this:

Grey and Orange Neon Nail Art


(image source)

Grey and Orange Neon Nail Art 2

What I used:

  • Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  • Models Own Beach Party
  • Base and topcoat

How I did it:
Prep with basecoat, and apply 3 thin coats of Mary Mary Quite Contrary (it’s quite sheer). Once dry, take Models Own Beach Party and just splodge it across the nail – be as random or as regular as you like. I started off by splodging in a vague frame around the edge of my nails, and filling in the middle with a few random splodges. Make sure not to use too much polish or it will take a while to dry. Finish with topcoat.

Easy peasy! I was super pleased with these though, and I love how the dull lilac-tinted grey base makes the neon really pop. Hence the low quality photos – my camera just can’t handle neon (or maybe I just can’t handle my camera…!)

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of that little baby turtle. Aww 🙂 Hope you liked this one, look out for more soon! I’m also going to start attempting YouTube tutorials, so when it happens, be kind 😉 <3