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Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit - Imagination In Colour

Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been a little while – I finished my job last Friday and have been taking a little break from my commitments before I get to work job hunting 🙂 wish me luck!

The other week I was kindly sent the Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit to try out. The concept used for this nail art is quite different to any I’ve tried (so far!) so I was excited to try it out. Besides, the packaging is just so cute! 🙂 I hadn’t heard of Rare Nails before this either – I think they’ve been around for a while in Europe but not necessarily in the UK.

Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit

Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit

What the kit contains:

  • 3 nail polishes in ‘Sour Apple’ (green creme), ‘Bonbon’ (pink with a light shimmer), and ‘Sherbert Lemon’ (yellow creme).
  • Instruction leaflet.
  • 1 sheet of nail tattoos, with 5 different designs (8 of each design).

Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit

As you can see, the instructions are nice and clear. If you remember temporary tattoo transfers, these nail transfers use the same basic process to apply to the nail.

  1. Apply nail polish and wait til it’s fully dry.
  2. Cut out the image you want, and peel off the protective film. Place face down onto the nail.
  3. Dampen some cotton wool with water, and gently moisten the transfer while on the nail. Hold in place for 20 seconds.
  4. Slide off the paper backing, and once the moisture is dry, cover with topcoat.

Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit

Rare Nails Candy Shop Nail Art Kit

Just a brief overview of the nail polishes, these are all opaque at 2 coats. The yellow is a bit streaky, but the other two have a lovely formula. They dry in average time (easily sped up with topcoat) and to a relatively shiny finish. I would definitely recommend topcoat though. The brush is round, rather like the original Barry M brush, so it’s quite easy to use.

I’m not sure I chose the correct combination of base colours with transfer colours, but I put these up just to give you an idea of how they look when finished.

The transfers were very easy to use and unlike water decals, I had no issues with wrinkling or water getting trapped under the design. It’s also very quick to achieve the look. You can’t easily see where the design begins and ends (where with nail stickers it is often obvious).


I really like this little kit – it makes nail art very quick and effective and includes almost everything you need – the only thing I might opt to add is perhaps a topcoat (in case this was given as a gift – but then most people who are interested in nail polish have a topcoat anyway, so that could be superfluous). I am also not mad about the yellow but I think that is more personal preference than anything!

The price point is good too – at £11.95 there is enough in this kit for a good few uses (in terms of the transfers) and the nail polish is of good quality too. You can buy them from Amazon – just search “Rare Nails”. Some of them appear to be on offer for about £8.68 at the moment! There are 24 different kits to choose from, and you can have a look at some of those here (you can’t buy from this website in the UK though).

My favourites are these three:

Rare Nails

What do you think of the Rare Nails Nail Art Kits?