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Picture Polish Illusionist - Imagination In Colour

Picture Polish Illusionist

Hey lovelies! Yesterday I showed you Picture Polish Aurora, from the Limited Edition collection. Well today, I have another equally gorgeous nail varnish for you! I think (don’t hate me) I might… possibly… prefer this one!

This one also sold out very quickly on Rainbow Connection, within an hour or two, I believe! Not that I was there at that time – I bought mine the second they were available!!

I have done a few more photos than usual today, but I wanted to make sure I captured all the colour shifts.

Picture Polish Illusionist

Picture Polish Illusionist (2)

Picture Polish Illusionist (3)

Picture Polish Illusionist (4)

Picture Polish Illusionist (5)

Picture Polish Illusionist (7)The photos show two coats of Illusionist over one coat of Nails Inc Kate Spade New York Noir. Illusionist is an incredible incredible duochrome, with a green/pink colour shift, filled with holographic flecks. I even caught purples, blues and oranges at certain angles. It’s beautiful!!! I didn’t manage to capture much of the holo flecks so you’ll just have to trust me that they are really sparkly and eye catching! I was so impressed with this polish. One thing to note is that the turquoisey-green actually comes off a tone or two more green in person, but I didn’t want to edit these pics in case of losing the shift. I don’t think I need to say any more really – I’ll let the photos do the talking!


On it’s own I feel that Illusionist would take a good 4-5 coats for total opacity as it’s quite sheer. It actually has a greyish base, as I’ll show you below. It is really really excellent for layering though, and not just over dark colours, although that is where the duochrome really comes into its own. It’s fairly strong at 1 coat but I’ve been using 2 coats for even coverage and stronger shift.  It dries fairly quickly, and to a lovely high shine!

As I’ve so far only seen these polishes layered over dark colours, I decided to give it ago over some other colours to see how it would fare:

Picture Polish Illusionist (6)
Bases are, left to right: Ciaté Pepperminty, Ciaté Sugar Plum, Seventeen Gel Effect Long Island, Ciaté Pool Party.
All of these are with 2 coats of Illusionist over the top.

This is what really sealed the deal for me. I mean, it just looks incredible over all of these, and actually like an entirely different polish from the one over black. So the big selling point here is how versatile it is and how it really transforms any colour you put it over.

Picture Polish is an Australian brand so can be a little hard to get hold of in the UK; I bought my bottle of Illusionist from Rainbow Connection UK, which will be restocking it this week. It costs £12.50, which is a little steep for a nail polish, but I really really feel this is a very unique polish and totally worth every penny. Rainbow Connection has free delivery on orders over £20 too!

Did you pick it up? If not, will you be picking it up next time round? The Rainbow Connection Facebook page is probably the best place to look out for updates on the restock.

Finally I have heard a few people asking how similar Illusionist is to Aurora, and I give you my word they are very different, but would you like to see a comparison post? Let me know. 🙂