Picture Polish Bette

Hey there! Today I have a very pretty nail polish to show you. It’s another Picture Polish shade (if you follow me on Instagram, you will know how much I adore Picture Polish!), which I got back in the late summer when they launched 8 or so new shades. This one was part of a collection of four which were ‘re-releases’ (or very similar) of shades originally sold under Ozotic, which, from what I gather, was a sister brand of Picture Polish.

So ‘Bette’ is meant to be a remake of Ozotic 617. They’re pretty much the same in my eyes, although if you want to see for yourself More Nail Polish did a great comparison here.

Picture Polish Bette

Picture Polish Bette

Picture Polish Bette macro close upBette is a beautiful, slightly grey-toned light blue jelly, that is so jam-packed full of miniature holo flakes that you really can’t see the base, other than in the overall colour. It’s beautiful! Picture Polish often do this quite unique style of holo shimmer, which is also seen in the Dance Legend Wow Prisms. It’s not quite linear but also not really scattered… difficult to pinpoint. Either way, it’s incredibly reflective, brighter than you would expect on the nail and beautifully glossy.

Application: The pictures show 2 coats – occasionally you may need a third, as this polish has a bit of a habit of dragging if you go over the same place too many times. My best application tip is to really load up the brush and just remove the excess from the brush once you have painted the nail. It dries quickly and to a lovely high shine. Topcoat just doubles the wow-factor of the holo 🙂

The reason I love Picture Polish so much (other than their fabulous colour options) is that the formula is just brilliant – I can usually get a good 3-4 days wear out of them before they start to chip or show signs of wear, which for me, is brilliant.

I love this a lot more than I expected to, so I am looking forward to hearing what you think!

I bought mine from Rainbow Connection UK (here) where it costs £11.50. Shipping for orders over £20 is £1. Alternatively, you can buy it from Llarowe (US), Harlow & Co (CAN), Picture Polish (AUS).

I’m tempted to use this for some festive nail art, as it’s nearly Christmas – eek! 🙂