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No.7 Damson Dream 105 Stay Perfect Nail Colour.

Another 拢5 off No.7 purchase! Damson Dream, aptly named for once, is a very rich purple colour with pink shimmer. In the bottle this appears to have an orange shimmer laced in but this wasn’t present on the nail. It really does look damson-esque though, that lovely deep purple colour. These colours always used to be my favourite, I had a similar one named Aubergine by M&S; a few years back but it dried out 馃檨
This is opaque-ish in 2 coats but what you are seeing is 3, I did a third for good measure. It’s a funny formula really, I found it getting quite gloopy as I applied it, and it dragged a little in some places. Dry time was good for the first coat, but after that it was a little “Barry M-ish” in that it dented easily and didn’t fully dry for a long while. I only wore this for a day (admittedly without topcoat) but already you can see the tipwear, particularly on my thumbnail. I am forced to dispute the “Stay Perfect” labelling!

I would’t say this was a unique colour and while it is beautiful, I would not pay full price for it as I just don’t feel it deserves to be 拢7 (I paid 拢2). When I buy any polish over 拢5 I at least expect it to have a reasonably good formulation, since all the cheaper brands do! Sad day for No.7 馃檨 Oh well there are more No.7 polishes to come!

And since the 拢5-off vouchers are coming back (again!) I still may end up buying more – I have my eye on Pink Grapefruit.

Emma xxx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Barry M Mint Green Nail Paint

I wore this a few days ago, for about a day and in the end couldn’t wait to take it off. I’m not quite sure why, as it’s a lovely colour, and it surprised me that it actually suits my skin tone better than I expected. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to find an outfit to go with it? I don’t know.聽The reason the polish is fairly sheer is because I got fed up after two thin coats and went to bed!

Anyway, the formulation was good (as is usual for Barry M!) I find the trick with these is to build up with very thin layers, otherwise you’re there for hours dodging furniture etc in an attempt to save your nails from indentation and other such markings. Even the thin layers take a while to dry after the second coat, so this is definitely one to apply while watching a long programme or film, or any other time where you aren’t likely to be moving. Having said that I applied this while watching Marchlands and spilt it on my keyboard – oops!聽The polish was shiny without a top coat, again, a given with Barry M polishes.

I would have to disagree with the name “Mint Green”, I don’t know what this colour is to me but it definitely doesn’t say ‘mint’ to me. Agh, it’s so awkward, maybe that’s why I don’t like it. I love the colour, just not for nails!

I can see why so many other people like it though. It’s rumoured to be a dupe of MAC’s Peppermint Patti.

Emma xxx

P.S. Less waffley? Or still too waffley? Lol xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.

My Perfume Collection

This seems a little unoriginal now as there are so many perfume collection posts/videos floating around, but here are my top 5 perfumes (thus far in my lifetime!)

Left to right: Lanc么me ‘Magnifique’, Lanc么me ‘Hypn么se’, GAP ‘So Pink’, GAP ‘So Pink’ (same fragrance in slightly different bottles), Beyonc茅 ‘Heat’, and聽Cacharel ‘Loulou’.
Since I am quite frankly awful at detecting the notes in scents I am forced to backtrack to the website descriptions. I will link each perfume to the website. Remember you can buy many of these at discount sites such as Feel Unique, Cheap Smells and Fragrance Direct.
“For the first time, Lanc么me is interpreting the colour red, from bottle to fragrance. This intense and deep colour is a symbol of passion and expresses an audacious woman.聽Its absolutely contemporary bottle is facetted like a diamond and lights up with a captivating sparkle.
The fragrance is a perfect illustration of this ultra-femininity: rose is set alight by saffron and nagarmot芒.”
(Taken directly from the website.)

To me, Magnifique is a very sweet, beautiful, slightly sophisticated perfume. It’s very light and playful but could be worn at night. This is my second bottle (the first was Eau de Toilette, this is Eau de Parfum and has lasted me much longer!). My Auntie gave me her sample bottle of this, not only was the bottle very beautiful but I fell in love with the fragrance and begged my Mum to buy it for my birthday. This is pretty much my ‘signature scent’, the amount I’ve worn it over the last 2 years.

Lanc么me Hypn么se:
“The bewitching fragrance of a woman who knows how to use her charm to fascinate the man she loves.聽A woody oriental fragrance that acts like a sensual love potion with a magical trail: Passion flower combined with Vanilla and a woody base note with Vetiver.聽A luxurious bottle whose curves and facets dance with the light, a feminine and modern reinterpretation of the bottle of the Magie fragrance created by Lanc么me in 1950.”
(Taken directly from the website.)

The bottle I own is an Eau de Toilette but the description is for the Eau de Parfum, simply because I think it better describes the Eau de Toilette than its own description. I would completely agree with the vanilla and woody tones, it is definitely very um, woody. *Lack of alternative word*. This again I first used as a tiny sample bottle from my Auntie. It’s definitely a scent you have to get used to and that grows on you. It’s quite sweet, I’m guessing that’s the vanilla. Because of the ‘Hypn么se Senses’ perfume I assumed this was discontinued until I spotted it on the Lanc么me Boots counter and was desperate to have it – my Mum kindly bought this for Christmas for me! 馃檪

GAP So Pink:
“A blend of citrus and flowers. It’s so fresh, so bright, so pink. Top notes: sparkling pink grapefruit, juicy orange, and a watery accord. Middle notes: muguet, fresh lily, sweet pea, sunny flower. Bottom notes: fresh jasmine, soft musk.”
(Taken directly from website in link.)

So I can’t find GAP So Pink anywhere on the GAP website so I will have to rely on this description…
Another Auntie sent me a fragrance bottle many many years back and as a little girl I loved this fragrance. It’s very sugary sweet, definitely a daytime summery perfume. I do still like this a lot but I don’t wear it every day, purely because it’s lovely to smell after not having smelled it for a while 馃檪

Beyonc茅 Heat:
Top Note: Red Vanilla Orchid, Neroli Orpur, Magnolia Delavayi and Blush Peach.
Heart Note: Honeysuckle Nectar, Almond Macaroon and Cr猫me de Musk.
Base Note: Giant Sequoia Milkwood, Tonka Bean and Modern Amber.
(All sourced from website.)

Now, I’m afraid I have no idea what most of the things mentioned above are, but I can tell you that to me this perfume is a very sweet, peachy scent with a very woody musky undertone. I wear it day and night as it’s very versatile due to this unusual combination of sweet with woody scents.聽
My Andy bought me the Eau de Parfum for Christmas

Cacharel Loulou:

  • Top Note: Jasmine, Mimosa, Orange and Tiare Lily.
  • Middle Note: Iris.
  • Base Note: Sandalwood, Vanilla and Incense.
  • (Sourced from Base Notes)
  • This perfume was sent to me kindly by my Auntie as a Christmas present. I think I’d owned a sample previously without realising, but she said this was her favourite perfume when she was my age. I do really like this. It’s very floral and summery, with a hint of sophistication. It makes me feel very classy! Haha. This apparently highlights the Tiare Lily though never having seen/heard of it I can’t confirm this. I do feel that this one won’t be to everybody’s taste, so it’s worth sampling it before you buy it! I think it’s available in Boots.

  • I absolutely absolutely LOVE the sample of Thierry Mugler ‘Womanity’ (free in the March edition of Glamour Magazine) and desperately want it! I have some Thierry Mugler ‘Alien’ shower gel and body lotion which is very very strong, and definitely an acquired scent. I go through phases of liking it and hating it.
  • Perfume is one of those things that I never really think of as one of my staples but I do wear perfume every day. It’s always been important to me to smell nice, and more importantly, I love being able to smell the fragrances on me throughout the day! It really is always a compliment when people comment on your ‘aroma’ though.

I hope this is useful to someone, I always kind of feel these perfume posts are a little pointless as obviously the reader can’t smell the product being described and all you can see is the bottle! Well hopefully it inspires you a little maybe just to go out and sample the perfumes.

I honestly love all of the perfumes I have mentioned but those of you who are familiar with these fragrances will notice that I am definitely not consistent in my fragrance affections! I suppose that follows for all things that I really like.聽

Hope your respective Thursdays went well and all the best for Friday, I’m feeling a bit eek as I still haven’t acheived much in the way of schoolwork and Term 4 is fast approaching…

Emma xxx 聽

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives, with the exception of the free sample of Thierry Mugler ‘Womanity’ from Glamour Magazine. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Accessorize Illusions – Pink Spice

Last Saturday Andy and I took a little time out to wander up town and have a tea/milkshake and some cake in our favourite tearoom. He kindly agreed to buying me two Accessorize Illusion polishes and a Boots 17 polish. I’ll reveal the other Accessorize and Boots 17 polishes at a later date but for now here is the much coveted Accessorize ‘Pink Spice’.

I have heard many a muttering on the blogosphere that Pink Spice is nearly an exact duplicate of MAC’s ‘Bad Fairy’, which I am so so happy about because Bad Fairy is beautiful but much more expensive! CALI369 from Polishtopia did a colour comparison post here and a wear comparison post here.
Now for the piccies:
In the flashhhh
It looks darker here than it really was…
And here is the stunning orangey duochrome!
I wore this to a party and could not stop looking at the colour. In most lights it was a gorgeous foily pink, really really pretty, but occasionally when the right light hit it it became a stunning rusty, orangey colour. So in love with this. The pictures don’t really do this polish justice – it’s much more shimmery and much much more pink! The idea behind the Illusions range is that it allows you to “Create the Illusion of multiple colours and tones in one shade!”. I certainly did see more than one colour in this one!
I am so pleased with the Accessorize polishes, I now have 5, and am currently coveting about 10! All of mine dry quickly, which occasionally can be a little bit of a pain as the brush is fairly thin but really doesn’t pose much of a problem. It is more handy if I just can’t be bothered to wait around for my nails to dry (e.g. first thing in the morning or last thing at night) and you can get away with two quick coats. The cap is similar to that of Nails Inc., in fact it is identical in shape and size to the cap on the Diet Coke promo polishes, if a little less slippery.
Overall totally totally happy with this polish, it’s one of those ones that you will never stop looking at no matter how much you’ve ogled it. At 拢4 each for 10ml you just can’t complain! At least compared with Bad Fairy’s price, especially now if you check it out on eBay!
Now, my Andy was in a bit of a sleepy state when I persuaded him to let me paint his nails. In fact he fell asleep while I was doing it and I had to keep waking him to move his hand! So here are his pretty hands (he made me take it straight off after – can’t blame him really, as you can see I did quite a shoddy job!)
The blues were at his request. Hehe!
Hope you are all having a good week,
Emma 馃檪 xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.

BeautyUK – My New Found Fave :)

Andy and I nipped into town on Monday with nothing but a few pennies, just to visit the bank. But of course the temptation of nail polish overwhelmed us (me) and we simply had to visit Superdrug in search of such聽wondrous聽gains. We counted said pennies and had 拢5 between us although at the time we thought it was 拢4 (A-level Maths, me – really?) so split it half and half; Andy bought a muffin and 2 drinks – 1 each, and I spent my 拢2 on nail polish. And the exciting extra 拢1 on Liquorice Allsorts, which neither of us like. So it was all very fair. Ahem.

Having followed BeautyUK for a little while on Twitter I was familiar with the brand and keen to try their products. And of course nail polish it should be. So, while Andy was tapping his feet impatiently, I pondered along the BeautyUK shelf in Superdrug, and landed my eye on this little beauty:

Here she is! So it’s a little bit paler than this, and more fluffy and lovely. Okay maybe not fluffy but I know what I mean.
I can’t seem to get a photo of just how beautiful this colour is but here it is against my fairly neutral outfit… my hands are a different colour to my head. Ugh.
So this is Smokey Lilac No. 51, 3 coats, no topcoat, and at 拢1.99 it is a dream come true. The application and formula were both lovely, it levels itself out when disaster-cases such as moi come along and take too long applying it, resulting in 聽dragging that I don’t think would otherwise be present. (I was watching Being Human ‘behind the scenes’ clips. How could I not be distracted?) The dry-time was excellent too. Not too fast, not too slow.
I did have a mini panic when I got home and remembered about Nails Inc./Diet Coke Heather Grey, as from memory they are very similar. Next to each other, the Heather Grey is a lot more pink-toned, while the Smokey Lilac is well… just beautiful… Sorry Heather Grey but you lost on this one. If you look at my previous pictures of Heather Grey you’ll notice it’s a fair bit darker. I can’t think how to describe Smokey Lilac other than I LOVE IT. It it just a little more appealing to the eye. I don’t know, it’s just a skin-tone-flattering, girly, pretty shade.
Anyway, enough gushing.
Oh go on then… maybe a little more.
The main reason why I am in LOVE with BeautyUK is because of their Animal Testing Policy. While I am guilty of buying products that are not cruelty free, I am not comfortable, at ALL, with cosmetic animal-testing. I think my problem is I just get too over-excited about things and only remember about the animal-testing issue after I’ve bought the offending item. Also, in part, I can’t always afford the cruelty-free brands and so this is one of the reasons why BeautyUK are so fab. Like Barry M and Boots 17, they are seriously affordable, good quality and beautiful nail polishes. Unfortunately I can’t vouch for their other products but I will certainly be trying out their eye makeup and probably lip products in the near future, but I am just too excited about the nail polishes for words! If it weren’t for Andy’s upcoming birthday I’d have already bought up all of the stock. My only mini-complaint is that the label wasn’t stuck down properly but really that’s me just looking for a flaw.
They aren’t listed on the BUAV Go Cruelty Free website but neither is Barry M so I choose to believe them and hope I am not wrong! 馃檪

Go and visit their website – they often do deals, ‘get the look’ blogposts and competitions etc.

Overall I am one super happy bunny. And more than anything very happy to support this very under-rated brand!

Hope everyone reading is having a lovely week, I have half term and so there will probably be an influx of blogposts as I have many pending photos for you all, just as soon as I catch up on some sleep…
Love, Emma xxx

P.S. Just noticed that this post is significantly more waffley than my other posts. Which are also waffley. Must work on non-waffling. Sorry everyone! xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.