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China Glaze Boo-gie Down

So this year China Glaze have been a bit boring for me, the last full collection that really excited me was the Cirque du Soleil collection back last December! However I have been picking and choosing one or two from each collection as and when, and here is my choice from the 2013 Monsters Ball Halloween Collection :). I have to admit this isn’t normally a ‘me’ type of polish but something about it really drew me in – I’m glad it did because it turns out this is a very versatile glitter. You can use it with a dark base to look autumnal/wintry, or you can use it over a brighter base to look edgy and modern. I love it!

I’m pretty pleased with this combination, I would never have picked the two polishes out to wear together but I just happened to spy Boo-gie Down whilst looking for a topper for the purple base (Nella Milano Violet – blogpost soon!).

China Glaze Boo-gie down boogie halloween monster monsters ball collection 2013 copper white black glitter bar topper over purple uk nail polish blog review swatch swatches

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Wing Dust Perfect Day

Soooo I failed a little – I missed yesterday’s blogmas post, sorry ladies! <3 I do have a gorgeous polish to show you today so hopefully it’s worth the wait.

In recent months my indie collection has had a bit of an explosive growth – little over a year ago I didn’t own a single indie but now I have a lot (oh god, there is actually so many I’m ashamed…). For those of you who don’t know, indie polish is ‘independent’ polish, usually either handmade or private labelled by an individual person. I myself am an ‘indie maker’ here in the UK, which I think gives me an appreciation for everything that goes into each bottle, so I am happy to support handmade! <3

Wing Dust is currently one of my favourite brands, every single collection holds several gems and it definitely inspires me too.

Wing Dust Perfect Day glitter nail polish indie independent handmade pastel baby blue pink shimmer gold leaf creme uk blog review swatch swatches

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Rimmel Space Dust Total Eclipse

Hey chickas, sorry I’m a bit late with today’s post, I’ve been mostly scheduling my posts all this month so I got complacent and forgot I hadn’t scheduled one for today! All my photos are at Andy’s and by the time I realised I hadn’t scheduled one I was home so had to sort out how on earth to write a post for today eek! The day is saved by Andy who sent some images over for me (trying to explain on the phone to a male that I want ‘the Rimmel ones… yes, the black textured ones… the ones that say RIMMEL on the bottle…they don’t have a name yet I haven’t edited them…’ etc. is harder than I imagined!

Also please don’t mind the minor font change in the images, I have a new laptop (hence no photos) and last time I tried to download my font I accidentally downloaded a sh..load of freeware and spyware so I need to wait until Andy can help me lol! (Sorry!)

Rimmel came out with their own take on textured polishes – the Space Dust Collection – back in the summer. There are five polishes in total, two of which are very unique to me, three of which are the now-standard purple, silver and beige. I loved Total Eclipse from the instant I saw the bottle. Don’t be deceived by the slight purple duochrome effect you see in the bottle – it’s not there on the nail. However this polish is fab and definitely one of my favourite textured polishes!

Rimmel Total Eclipse Space Dust 005 textured nail polish liquid sand effect black turquoise glitter uk blog review swatch swatches london
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Elegant Touch Silver Crystal Glitter

Press Sample

Hello lovelies! There’s a lot of lovely Christmassy ideas for nails flying around at the moment, especially in the false nails region of things. I love falsies for the simple fact that when you’re having a lazy day, or you have a headache and can’t face the fumes, or you’re in a rush, you can just pop them on in 5 minutes and you’re ready to go with perfect nails… what could be better?!

The other day I reviewed Elegant Touch Christmas Reindeer falsies, which to be honest I don’t think could ever be beaten on the awesome falsie factor, but these are amazing for a different reason. If you LOVE glitter, but HATE removal, these are the nails for you!!
Elegant Touch Silver Crystal Glitter false nails gunmetal festive smooth sparkly party season uk nail polish blog review (2)

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Barry M Tinsel Town (Boots Exclusive Limited Edition)

Bar glitter. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people are on the fence. Count me as on the fence – I love it as long as you don’t layer it up like hair!! Barry M have definitely dealt us the generous hand when it comes to bar glitter this year. We had five Confetti Effects, and now we have two LE bar glitter beauties in Boots and Superdrug. (I have both because I am a long-accepted nail polish hoarder and obsessive! The second I heard these were out I trotted down to Boots & Superdrug!). I’ve seen a fair few blogposts about people hating the look. And plenty of people who love it. I honestly think this one is totally dependent on what you pair it with. If you pair it with shimmer it’s going to clash. If you pair it with anything that doesn’t go with either green, blue or red, it’s going to clash. And if you layer it IT WILL LOOK LIKE HAIR! I promise you!

I decided to pair it with my autumn fave: OPI In The Cable Car-Pool Lane. Burgundy – I tell you, you cannot go wrong with burgundy!!

Barry M Tinsel Town Limited edition boots exclusive christmas nail polish festive bar glitter red blue green topper topcoat winter autumn 2013 swatch swatches blog review uk

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