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Picture Polish Illusionist

Hey lovelies! Yesterday I showed you Picture Polish Aurora, from the Limited Edition collection. Well today, I have another equally gorgeous nail varnish for you! I think (don’t hate me) I might… possibly… prefer this one!

This one also sold out very quickly on Rainbow Connection, within an hour or two, I believe! Not that I was there at that time – I bought mine the second they were available!!

I have done a few more photos than usual today, but I wanted to make sure I captured all the colour shifts.

Picture Polish Illusionist
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Picture Polish Aurora

Hey everyone! On Thursday, the lovely Annette of Rainbow Connection (and Sally of Sally Magpies) put up the new Picture Polish Limited Edition collection on sale – it’s been quite a hyped up collection as they are limited in numbers, with Aurora particularly being super limited! From what I read from Picture Polish, only 800 have ever been made so to be able to get them in the UK and avoid the worldwide manic restocks is a blessing! Along with a few other girls, I was checking Facebook and RC every 5 minutes that morning until the polishes were up! They sold out pretty quickly.

I do think that this one is justified in being highly sought after – it’s super duper gorgeous, SUPER gorgeous… duochrome heaven!! I have a slightly similar glitter topper by Ozotic (same company as Picture Polish) called ‘528’ which is essentially the glitter version of Aurora… which I love… so of course I love this!!

Picture Polish Aurora duochrome
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Easy Owl Nail Art

Hello everyone! You probably remember Chubby Owl Polishes? Well my good friend Jemma came up with the idea to raise money through selling her polishes, to adopt an owl! All it will take is 20 bottles, so we came up with an idea for owl nail art to let you all know what’s happening! There’s a specific collection which will raise money to adopt a cute little owly 🙂

I used these cutie little owls for inspiration :).

Owl Nail Art (2)
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Coral Me Maybe – Rainbow Series

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post as much as I did! I’d still love to see any collection posts you’ve done! 🙂 Today it’s the third week of the Rainbow Series. It’s a collaboration between myself and Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes where we both showcase a certain colour each week – this week (after grovelling to Charlie for us to include these colours) it’s peach & coral!

These two colours are funny with my skin tone – they have to be the right shade of peach or coral to work with my tone rather than against it. Hence I don’t have a HUGE amount of them, just a few. Here are my top six:

Peach Polish Favourites
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My Indie Polish Collection & Storage

Okay so today I decided to catalogue my indie nail varnish collection. I will warn you now, it’s a long one!! At the time of writing, there’s 25 pictures, (this has taken me FOREVER to edit!) and I do plan to update it in the future as I buy more polishes. I hope I don’t need to say that this isn’t a boasting post, I personally love seeing other peoples’ collections and learning their tastes in colours, and seeing their favourite brands, etc. etc. so I find this type of post interesting. Plus there are polishes in my stash that don’t get enough love, so I thought it would be nice to create a little shrine  showcase of them. 🙂

Grab a cuppa – hope you enjoy!! 😀 In no particular order:

Indie Polish Collection Emily De Molly

Emily De Molly: Violet Days, Falling Skies, Super Vixen, Pyrite, Cosmic Forces, Oceanic Forces, Dark Depths, Black Forest, Serenity.
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