Glam Polish Would You Believe?

Good evening! Hope you’re all well. I’ve had a really busy day at work (somehow being in admin isn’t as stress-free as one would hope!)  but I am still loving the luxury of the 9-5 day. Work 9am-1am with 1hr break and you probably know what I mean!! Another thing I’m enjoying about the office is that there are no rules about nail polish – yayyyy!!

On that note I have a very beautiful glitter topcoat to show you 🙂 you may remember a while back I reviewed Glam Polish Day Dreamer (I have since shortened my nails quite a bit and looking at those photos makes me shudder – no offence to ladies with long nails, I think they look lovely on others but on me I’m just not a fan!!) but anyway, this is the polish I bought with it and I have to say is my favourite of the two – Day Dreamer sadly didn’t quite do it for me!

Glam Polish Would You Believe
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Barry M Super Nova – Magnetic Multi Sparkle

Hello! You may remember in late 2011 and 2012 magnetic polishes really came into trend and a lot of brands leapt on the magnetic train. To be honest at the time I wasn’t crazy for magnetics and found them a bit of a faff, but I did always love the second space-themed magnetic collection released by Barry M. I was looking back through my old posts and realised I never posted the fifth of the collection: Super Nova (also known as Magnetic Multi Sparkle as labelled). I tried it on today and I have to say I am very tempted to pull out all my old magnetics again as I really enjoyed it this time round!

If you want a peek at my older posts on the magnetics then click here, to see my messy polishing and uneven nail lengths haha!!

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Flash Nails Midnight Feast

Hey everyone!! You may remember from a few days ago I showed you Flash Nails Jagged which was a funky mixture of shards, and today I have the second mini polish I won from the giveaway! I’ve found Flash Nails to be so lovely and unique so far so I’m excited to buy more 🙂

The one I have today is called Midnight Feast. I love it when names really conjure up images in my mind – this makes me think of sweetie wrappers and cakes and crisps and chocolate and all things colourful. Growing up midnight feasts were a BIG thing haha, I used to stay at my cousin’s house and we’d plan one every single night!! Never successful because despite what we thought, we were actually very very noisy haha!

Flash Nails Midnight Feast
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Barry M Pearl Silk Effect

You know what I said yesterday about getting later and later? Well… whoops! Here I am at midnight because I’ve been having a very lazy Friday night and I wasn’t honestly sure what to post. Sorry! 😛 Anyway, here is another from the Barry M Silk collection. Over a month ago (can you believe how quickly that’s gone?!) I showed you Barry M Heather, and today I have Pearl to show you. It’s very… well… pearly!

Barry M Pearl Silk
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Indiglow – Rainbow Series

Hey everybody 🙂 eek I’m getting so late with blogposts this week. I’m having to be much more organised since I started work because I don’t get any daylight to take photos in… which means a massive swatchfest at the weekend and writing up and editing during the week… somehow the more organised I am the more the chaos-loving side of me comes to light!! 😐

It’s Rainbow Series day again, where Charlie (of Pocket Money Polishes) and I do a colour-themed post :) This week we are doing blurples and indigos (blurple = blue + purple) – I have to confess I’m not the biggest fan of blurples as I feel like they can tend to be a little boring, but some are standouts, and indigos I luuuuurve.

Blurple nail polish
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