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Original Sugar 3D Nail Embellishments - Imagination In Colour

Original Sugar 3D Nail Embellishments

Hey everyone! Sorry for my impromptu few days off, hope you still love me 🙂 I was recently sent some funky nail embellishments by Original Sugar, which I’ll be showing you today. I don’t normally use any nail gems, embellishments or even rhinestones but I thought these looked pretty unusual so I said a big fat yes to trying them out 🙂

I keep seeing people wearing cute nail additions on instagram so it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, but hadn’t really taken the plunge and bought any yet!

Original Sugar 3D Nail Gems

Original Sugar 3D Nail Gems

Each embellishment comes as a set of three in a cute little bottle, which makes for easy storage. It also comes with a little instruction leaflet – the brief synopsis is that you can use topcoat or nail glue to secure each piece on your nail.

Original Sugar 3D Nail Gems

Black Tear
This is a small metal-backed piece with rhinestones framing a black centre. I like that it’s quite small and instead of making a big statement it’s more like an enhancement or detail. This one is small enough that the curve on the piece doesn’t affect its fit on the nail. I would recommend using a generous coat of topcoat (or glue) to hold this one on – I touched up around the edges with quick dry topcoat just for added security. I feel like this would last quite well on the nail, depending on whether you’re using glue or topcoat, as it’s small and sits flush to the nail, so doesn’t get caught or snagged easily. Just make sure you let the topcoat or glue dry properly before doing anything heavy duty!

Worn over Happy Revolution Kitten Mittens.

Original Sugar 3D Nail Gems

This piece is clearly a lot bigger than Black Tear. As you can see it doesn’t quite fit on my nail, and the curve is too wide to fit snugly to my nail. I *think* it’s supposed to be like that though. I feel like this one will definitely need glue to keep it secure, as the edges are sitting free from the nail so can easily be caught on things. As well as this there isn’t much of the embellishment to be glued down, so I’d be careful to make it secure. I think this would be a great addition of gel or acrylic nails where the glue won’t pose a risk of damage to your nail and it will be held securely. However it’s quite a nice piece for an occasion – I would probably wear this for a party or celebration, but I wouldn’t expect it to last more than a day. I think this would be great for a little girly manicure, I’d have adored this when I was young!

Worn over Picture Polish Freya’s Cats.

Original Sugar 3D Nail Gems Size

As you can see from the left they do stick up a bit from the nail, however as long as it’s sitting flush to your nail (as in the photo on the left) then in theory it shouldn’t get caught on things.

The benefit of these Original Sugar gems is that (provided you can find them if they ping off) they are very reusable. All I did to mind was rub them with a little remover to remove the polish from the back and they were perfect for re-use. They are also very affordable, you can find them here for just £2.50 for a pot of three. The only downside is that the postage is £5.99 however, (which personally I find quite steep) so you’ll need to buy a few items to make the postage worth it!

What do you think of these?