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OPI Girls Love Diamonds - Imagination In Colour

OPI Girls Love Diamonds

Hey everyone! You may or may not know that when I moved to Bournemouth recently I also made an IRL friend, namely Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes! πŸ™‚ We have formed a little habit of swapping polishes so the other can try out some new ones without having to splash out, which is so awesome πŸ˜€ Charlie’s got a fab collection of OPIs if you didn’t know!

Anyway today I am using a lovely polish which she’s kindly lent to me, called ‘Girls Love Diamonds’. It’s from the new OPI Major League Baseball -MLB- Collection (also known as the OPI Fashion Plate Collection). I have to tell you I have’t got a first clue about baseball… the closest I’ve come to a baseball game is playing rounders on the school field! (Those were the days…!) I have to say I’m not terribly fussed by the collection because the majority is reds and blues, but this one is worth picking up!

OPI Girls Love Diamonds MLB

OPI Girls Love Diamonds MLB 2

OPI Girls Love Diamonds MLB 3Girls Love Diamonds is a pretty white foily-shimmer polish. It’s one of those ones that twinkles a LOT and looks very pure and clean on the nails. It’s a nice twist on the traditional white pearl shimmer, and I feel like this would look nice layered as well as alone.


The photos show 3 coats – it’s definitely not opaque yet and I’d say will need 4-5 coats for full opacity. It’s very sheer and the only pigment comes from the shimmer itself, so it is buildable but takes a good few layers.Β It dries relatively quickly but obviously the more coats you use the slower it will dry. It dries to a dull finish – not matte but not glossy; kind of textured in appearance. I’d definitely recommend a quick dry topcoat for this polish.

I think if I was to wear this again I’d layer it at 2 coats over a matte white, or even a pearl white – I think it would give a really stunning appearance and negate the need to layer up to 5 coats, plus base and topcoat.

You can buy the whole Fashion Plate Collection from TNBL, which is a great discount cosmetics salon site with amazing amazing prices. I think they are roughly Β£4.95 plus VAT… I think! πŸ˜›

What do you think of this pretty?