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My Indie Polish Collection & Storage - Imagination In Colour

My Indie Polish Collection & Storage

Okay so today I decided to catalogue my indie nail varnish collection. I will warn you now, it’s a long one!! At the time of writing, there’s 25 pictures, (this has taken me FOREVER to edit!) and I do plan to update it in the future as I buy more polishes. I hope I don’t need to say that this isn’t a boasting post, I personally love seeing other peoples’ collections and learning their tastes in colours, and seeing their favourite brands, etc. etc. so I find this type of post interesting. Plus there are polishes in my stash that don’t get enough love, so I thought it would be nice to create a little shrine  showcase of them. 🙂

Grab a cuppa – hope you enjoy!! 😀 In no particular order:

Indie Polish Collection Emily De Molly

Emily De Molly: Violet Days, Falling Skies, Super Vixen, Pyrite, Cosmic Forces, Oceanic Forces, Dark Depths, Black Forest, Serenity.

Indie Polish Collection Lynnderella

Lynderella: Funny Money, Nightshade, When The Moon Was A Star, Nosegay, Gotta Love Brains, Pentimento, Inner Space.

Indie Polish Collection Enchanted Polish

Enchanted Polish: January 2013, Tenderheart (x2!), Flamingo Freckles, Freeze Machine, Starbright Sparkles.

Indie Polish Collection Happy Hands

Happy Hands: Am I Not Yours?, Afternoon Thunderstorms, Metal Heart, Motherboy.

Indie Polish Collection Happy Revolution

Happy Revolution: Kitten Mittens, Rum Ham, Nightcrawlers.

Indie Polish Collection A England

A England: Princess Tears, Dragon, Saint George, Bridal Veil, And The Moonbeams…, She Walks In Beauty.

Indie Polish Collection Dollish Polish

Dollish Polish: That’s So Fetch, Vampire’s Coven, Mermaid Scales, Purple Nurples, Just Keep Swimming, I Survived The Fire Swamp, Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya.

Indie Polish Collection Serum No5

Serum No5: Poppy Fields, Pink Peonies, Happy Special Day, Fame (now no longer holo… seems to have degraded in the base), White Paradox.

Indie Polish Collection Iconic Effect Stellar

Iconic Effect: Clear Blue Skies, Rosy Cheeks, Psychedelic Snarl.

Stellar Polish: Come Away With Me (Norah Jones), Butterflyz (Alicia Keyes).

Indie Polish Collection Nelly Polish

Nelly Polish: unnamed mini samples.

Indie Polish Collection Chubby Owl

Chubby Owl: Berry Berry Holo, Essiepops, Midnight Pixie, Midnight Owls,  Purple Mist, Comet Dust, Majestic Moonstone.

Indie Polish Collection Wing Dust

Wingdust: A Day Without Rain, Perfect Day, Night Fury, The Deep End, Sea Shell Bra.

Indie Polish Collection Indy's Indies

Indy’s Indies: Mintmas Tree, Baubles, The Snowman, Jack O’ Lantern, The Night Sky, Crushed Candy Cane.

Indie Polish Collection Pocket Money Polishes Taras Talons

Pocket Money Polishes: I Put A Spell On You, Pina Colada, Summertime, Ice Ice Baby, Pretty Woman.

Tara’s Talons: Swampy, Cacophony, Atagatis.

Indie Polish Collection misc

Sealore Arista, Gloss ‘n Sparkle Edge Of The World, Femme Fatale Winter Hyacinth, Lyn B Designs Water Works, Ozotic 528, Picture Polish Paradise, Whimsical Ideas by Pam I Believe In Fairies, Cirque Fleur Est Belle.

Indie Polish Collection misc 2

Daring Digits: On Wednesdays, Neon Sugar.

Nail Sauce Space Junk, Girly Bits Smurf Dance, KBShimmer Proud Peacock.

Indie Polish Collection Different Dimension Glam Polish FUN Lacquer

F.U.N. Lacquer Icy Snow.

Glam Polish: Day Dreamer, Would You Believe?

Different Dimension: Blue Christmas, Wish You Were Here, Doppelganger, 50 Shades.

Indie Polish Collection Pahlish

Pahlish: Prayers For Rain, Moats And Boats And Waterfalls, Dark Parades, Bittersweet Symphony, Dirty Paws, Valley Of Ashes, Glittoris, Slow Fade Of Love.

Indie Polish Collection misc 3

Nail Pattern Boldness: Texas Tea, Bigger On The Inside.

Pretty & Polished Sea Spray, Smitten Polish The Ghost Of Jupiter, Black Cat Lacquer Bloody Kisses, Liquid Lacquer Danger Is My Middle Name.

Indie Polish Collection Nail Lacquer UK Quirk

Nail Lacquer UK: Christmas Night, Rudolf’s Nose, Infinity.

Quirk: Peace Is Free, Fantine.

Indie Polish Collection Darling Diva

Darling Diva: Just Keep Swimming, Princess Luna, Blanche, Roller Girl, Carrie, Special Edition, Kitty Scratches (decanted due to broken bottle!).

Indie Polish Collection misc 4

Crowstoes Absolum Your Potions Master, Above The Curve Guardian Angel, Nostalgic Lacquer Jem, Utopia Secret Wish, Franken Frosting Jawbreaker.

Indie Polish Collection Fat Puss

Fat Puss Polish:

Top row: Stalk, Prowl, Lucky Black Cat, The Catch, Sniff The Flowers, Lazy Days.

Bottom row: Kitty Glitter, Crazy Cat Lady, Baubles Make The Best Toys, Collar Bling, That’s Not A Kitty It’s A Unicorn!, Queen.

Indie Polish Collection Scofflaw


Top row: Overripe, Flotsam & Jetsam, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Koi Pondering, Wyld Stallyns.

Bottom Row: Cloud Cuckoo Land, Electric Salamander, Little Edie In The Grey Gardens, Jackalope, Sturm Und Drang.

Indie Polish Collection Hare

HARE Polish:

Top row: A Positive, Test Your Love!, Reverie In Rubellite,  Dancing Bird of Paradise, Electric Flame, Party Palace, Washed Ashore.

Middle row: Bisbee 2.0, The Monster, Hooky At The Hamlet, Rococo Grandeur, Mad Chill, Twilight Savings, Let Them Eat… What?.

Bottom Row: Medusa Luminosa, Amethystos, Midsummers Midnight, Why So Igneous?, What I Wore To The Revolution, The Teen Queen, Own Your Opulence.

And this is how I store them:


Two big pretty boxes! 180 polishes in total 😮 I dread to think how much it all cost…

…Aaaaand that’s it!! If you do any collection posts I’d love to see them 🙂 This took me way longer than I expected, hehe! Let me know if there’s any you’d like to see swatches of!