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Models Own Pro Limited Edition - Swan Lake - Imagination In Colour

Models Own Pro Limited Edition – Swan Lake

By the time you’re reading this I will *hopefully* be on the lovely island of North Uist, Scotland 🙂 as it turns out I’m a crap blogger and never managed to get round to the scheduled posts and I don’t get how to do the whole guest blogging thing. Well anyway, who knows, I may even have 3G connection on North Uist. It’s weird writing this while trying to keep in mind that you’ll be reading it next week. It is, by the way, currently Thursday 28th July. Anywho, I’m very sorry to be disappointing but I thought I’d break up those long 2 weeks away with this post.

Enter Swan Lake!

If you look at the bottle in the photo below, this was not what I paid £8 for at 3 coats!!!
As you can hopefully see, the bottle colour is *very* misleading, I was expecting a lovely taupe-y shimmer. Nevertheless it inspired this gradient mani.
I have to say, it does have a lovely unique finish even despite the sheerness. You know when you look into a lake or into the sea in the sun and it glistens in a lovely fluid, silvery way? Well it’s like that. It’s beautiful. Still I was disappointed with the price!
Anyway, layered over the top of other colours it looks absolutely beautiful. It dries quickly, and is fairly easy to control. I’m not a fan of the square lid, it doesn’t hinder the application too much but for a ‘Pro’ polish you would expect something a little easier to work with. The glittery shimmer spreads evenly across the nail so that isn’t a bother.
Overall I have very mixed feelings about this polish. For my first Models Own Pro polish, for the price, I can’t say I’m that impressed. However, the glistening effect of the polish has won my heart over. Just beware of this one if you were expecting a more opaque colour. Personally I would expect at least a hint of the taupey brown jelly base on the naked nail but apparently not – I only saw this when it was put over the Barry M Matt White!
Hope you are all well, and I’ll be back in a week!
Emma xxx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in this blog post was either bought by myself with my own money, or given to me as a gift from friends/relatives. All opinions expressed here are my own.