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Imagination In Colour Reborn! - Imagination In Colour

Imagination In Colour Reborn!

Hello strangers… remember me? 😛 no I didn’t think so…! It’s been just over 6 months since I last posted. Firstly, sorry for the neglect of my blog, but the time away was needed and like all creative ventures, if you aren’t motivated to do it, it just doesn’t happen. Roughly 90% of my life has changed in that time – the only thing that has stayed the same is my job and I’ve been pretty busy getting everything back on track.

In the time I was away, I really wasn’t sure what to do with my blog. My two most appealing options were to leave it be as a resource but not to come back to it again, or to sell my site (the traffic alone makes it somewhat valuable). But for the last couple of weeks I’ve been coming round to the idea that I could just do a total content change, and see how it goes. I’ve missed having a regular creative outlet so that is what shall happen :). I have no idea what this is going to do to my SEO LOL, so I guess it’s a bit of an experiment too.

I’ve been the writer behind this blog since January 2011, and up until now (March 2016) this was exclusively a nail polish review blog, which is why if you go back through my archives that is all you will probably find! However as I grow older and my life has moved on to pastures new, I feel a craving for something more substantial than the monopoly of the beauty industry, which I frequent a lot but it certainly isn’t my only, or even one of my more significant hobbies.Throughout 2015 I felt disillusioned with the materialism and superficial nature of the beauty industry but couldn’t bring myself to just chuck the towel in, until life came along and made my decision for me. In a funny kind of way, everything seems to have happened exactly as it was meant to. Besides, with a whole world of information, ideas and technology, not to mention nature and history out there, one has to ask – why limit yourself?

I’m not totally sure what exact direction my blog is going to go in, so I’m going to call it a journey, with no destination… for now! I’m thinking more life-y things are going to feature such as books/book reviews, thinky posts, arts and crafts, music… we’ll see :).

In the meantime I’ve revamped a little – including my obnoxiously colourful header… I guess the clue’s in the name, time my blog actually lived up to it! Let me know what you think 🙂 I think some things need tweaking such as my black background but I need to have a think about that one. I’m glad to be back folks!

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