HJ Manicure Vintage Bronze & Peach Blossom Review and Swatches

Hello! Firstly, I have to apologise for taking so long to post this – I’ve had yet another bout of tonsillitis and have been out of action for a little while! The other week I showed you two of the new HJ Manicure nail polishes (Thunder Storm and Midnight Sky), and the lovely ladies at HJ Manicure kindly sent me two more polishes to review, so now I have two more to post! I think I’m even more excited about these two than I was with the other two.

HJ Manicure Vintage Bronze

HJ Manicure Vintage BronzeHJ Manicure Vintage Bronze

This is a lovely muted olive green with a hidden bronzey-orange shimmer. It’s not overly obvious unless you are in direct light, but it gives a lovely glow and in the direct light it’s pretty wow! It’s perfect for autumn/winter because it’s smoky but still has a kick.

Application: This applied like butter – it was practically opaque in 1 coat but I added a second coat just to be sure. It dries to a nice finish (benefits from topcoat though) in good time.HJ Manicure Peach Blossom

HJ Manicure Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom is a gorgeous peachy-nude creme. I was expecting it to be quite sheer (like so many french mani polishes) but this is actually really opaque and very flattering. It’s not often I find a peach-toned polish that actually flatters my pink skin tone but this one does! It looks very clean and dainty.

Application: This, too, applies perfectly. It’s opaque at 2 coats, not streaky (unless you’re really going at it!), and dries quickly to a nice glossy finish.


As I said above, I’m even more excited about these two – both have perfect application and finishes, and are very flattering and work-appropriate. I’ve worn both a good few times and I love them!

Like last time, I have to mention the bottle – which is very aesthetically pleasing but easy to knock over for clumsy people like me! The stem of the brush is also quite long and picks up a lot of polish so make sure you dab most of it off before applying.

All in all I really like these nail polishes, I think they are brilliant quality and I always love a good ethical brand. You can get HJ Manicure polishes here for £9.50, and they have  free shipping on orders over £20.

I often hear or read people saying the £9.50 is quite steep for a single nail polish – however I think for a great quality product it’s worth paying a little extra for the added longevity and good formula, not to mention it’s non-toxic and cruelty-free qualities.