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Graffiti Nails Swatches and Review - Imagination In Colour

Graffiti Nails Swatches and Review

Press Sample Hello everyone! I received an exciting email a little while ago, asking if I wanted to try some polishes from a new nail brand here in the UK.  I was interested to see what they would do differently… I often notice that new brands tend to bring out a core line of rainbow cremes for their first launch which I personally don’t find all that exciting – so I was excited to see that Graffiti Nails have started with a great selection of unique polishes!

I decided on Morning Mist Glitter and Fairy Wing Glitter, and they kindly also sent me a surprise nail varnish called Butterfly Pink, which I LOVE.

Graffiti Nails Butterfly Pink

Graffiti Nails Butterfly PinkGraffiti Nails Butterfly Pink

This was the surprise polish and it has actually turned out to be my favourite. It’s a beautiful soft salmon pink creme… this type of colour always reminds me of cats’ noses and paw pads! I find it’s really flattering on my pale pink-toned skin so I think it would work well for any skin colour.

Application: It applied really evenly and was totally opaque at 2 coats. It dries quite quickly. I found the brush easy to use and the polish had a great formula. It dries to a shiny finish, although for added shine I’d use a topcoat.

I was really impressed with this polish and I feel like it’s a perfect spring/summer staple colour. I think it would look great alone or as ‘underwear’ for glitter – I used this as my underwear for my pictures of OPI Muppets World Tour.

Graffiti Nails Morning Mist Glitter

Graffiti Nails Morning Mist Glitter Graffiti Nails Morning Mist Glitter

Morning Mist Glitter did surprise me because it looks a bit more silver on the site, but I do love a nice purple glitter so it was a good surprise! It’s a clear base filled with purple and holographic silver tiny hexagons, and there are also some larger holo silver hexagons in there too. There aren’t many of the larger holo silver glitters but they make each nail unique and they’re more of an accessory to the small glitters than a main feature, which I like. I didn’t manage to capture the holo much in these pictures but it’s as reflective as you can see in the bottle – it makes for a really pretty sparkly topcoat. I layered one coat over two coats of Ciaté Pepperminty. While this isn’t quite the glitterbomb I usually post on here, it’s really nice to have a more subtle glitter that isn’t so in-your-face 🙂

Application: I found the application easy for this polish. There is a good density of glitter, so it didn’t need any manipulation on the nail. This could potentially be opaque with a good few coats… possibly 4? I haven’t tried but I’d guess that’s how many you’d need. It dries in average time to a fairly shiny finish but I’d recommend a topcoat to smooth it all out and make the most of the glitter.

Graffiti Nails Fairy Wing

Graffiti Nails Fairy WingFairy Wing is a really simple but really pretty glitter topcoat. It’s a clear base filled with three sizes of satin baby pink hexagonal glitter. I do love my satin glitter, especially in pastel colours so this was a winner from the start for me. I think this could have limitless pairings with pretty base colours but I chose Tanya Burr Little Duck (partly for convenience as I had it on already) and I feel it works really well with the soft pink of the glitter 🙂 So this is one coat of Fairy Wing over two coats of Tanya Burr for Eye Candy Little Duck.

Application: I found that there’s not a huge amount of glitter in relation to the amount of clear polish per brushload, so I actually ended up dabbing a blob of glitter onto my nail near the cuticle, brushing off the excess into the bottle and sort of dabbing it across the nail. It’s hard to keep the coats thin with a polish like this, which is why you can see air bubbles on my nails. Don’t let this put you off though as once you’ve got the hang of the technique the application is easy. The glitter can stick to the brush and drag a little, hence the dabbing. It dried in average time, but the thicker the coat the longer it will take to dry. I’d recommend using a quick-dry topcoat if you want to speed up the dry time. Otherwise this doesn’t really need a topcoat as the amount of clear polish means that it almost acts as its own topcoat, giving a lovely glossy finish.

Overall I’m really pleased with these polishes, all three are unique for me and they’ll definitely be getting some use over the summer! 😀 The application problems with Fairy Wing are nothing new with glitter topcoats, it happens with many different brands and particularly with indies so it’s not something that puts me off a polish these days. Besides it’s so pretty it’s worth it! And the other two were great on all counts so I’m impressed.

You can buy Graffiti Nails from graffitinails.co.uk where they cost just £3.99, with express shipping at £2.95 or free with 3 polishes, I think they’re at a great price point and I’ll definitely be buying some in the future!  What do you think of these three? Let me know if you buy any 😀