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Glam Polish Day Dreamer - Imagination In Colour

Glam Polish Day Dreamer

Hello everyone! Today I have a really unusual take on the circle glitter trend, although since buying this polish a month or so ago, I’ve seen more and more of them popping up! I’m still not certain on how much I like circle glitter, it’s definitely growing on me… this one really caught my eye though. It’s Australian Indie brand Glam Polish‘s ‘Day Dreamer’ – as it was relatively sunny today I felt that an Aussie polish was only appropriate!

Glam Polish Day Dreamer

Glam Polish Day Dreamer (2)

Glam Polish Day Dreamer (3)

Glam Polish Day Dreamer (4)

Glam Polish Day Dreamer (5)

I have to mention that I really have no idea why my skin looks so yellow in these pictures, I haven’t edited it out because I didn’t want to affect the true-ness of the colour of the polish but just want to say… sorry… I’m not jaundiced I swear!

This is one coat of Day Dreamer over 2 coats of Ciaté Ferris Wheel on the ring finger, and over 2 coats of Ciaté Sugar Plum on the rest. Day Dreamer is a quirky mixture of yellow, lavender and mint coloured satin circles in two sizes, and a smattering of yellow, lavender, mint and baby blue satin hexagons and squares in 2 sizes, and yellow satin microglitter, all suspended in a clear base. I really struggled to decide what to wear this over, hence the accent nail, because all of the colours I’d have paired it with are already in there… hehe!! It’s very unique and puts me in mind of Easter Eggs.


Day Dreamer is a glitter topcoat, designed to be worn over a different coloured base. To get a decent amount of glitter on the brush you need to load up the brush and drain it slightly on the neck of the bottle (hold the glitter to the neck using the brush to get rid of excess polish). The glitter applies evenly and doesn’t drag, although some placement of the circles is required. It dries fairly quickly as long as you haven’t loaded up the brush with clear polish, and to a slightly dull finish. I’d definitely recommend using a topcoat to even out the finish and protect the glitter.

I’m still undecided on this one. In some lights I adore it, in others I am just not wowed!! Maybe because it’s a step away from my usual sparkly bright glitter. I would love to see this mattified though, I think it would look excellent.

I bought my Glam Polish from Rainbow Connection UK, which has some excellent sales on at the moment, make sure you check them out! Otherwise you can buy from Harlow & Co (Canada), MeiMei’s Signatures (Singapore), Color4Nails or direct from Glam Polish if you live in the US or in Australia. Mine from the UK cost £9.80, which isn’t terrible for a nice polish!

What are your thoughts on this funky glitter mix?