Essence Latex Matt Effect – The Black Cat 32

Hey everyone! I have an Essence nail polish to show you today. Essence isn’t a brand I’ve tried much before – for a long time they weren’t available in the UK and since they launched in Wilko I haven’t really been into one to see what they have to offer.

Essence kindly sent me a few of their nail polishes to review, so I’ll be showing you the first of these today! This is Essence The Black Cat, which is a ‘latex matt effect’ nail polish. I’ve been needing a black nail polish so this is kinda handy for me!

Essence Latex Matt Effect The Black Cat

This is two coats of The Black Cat. As you can see it dries to a lovely full matte finish. I like this a surprising amount, considering I’m not that into black nail polish. I wore this for a couple of days and really loved it!

Application: The brush of this nail polish is very square, which makes neat application a little fiddly. Nothing clean-up can’t fix but worth mentioning. The polish is a bit on the thick side and as such it can be a bit streaky, which is the only reason I needed 2 coats rather than 1. It doesn’t self-level all that well (as you can see from the ridge of polish on my middle finger) and does show imperfections. But it does dry quickly and as I mentioned before, the finish is really nice. It also lasts quite well (no chipping in the 3 days I wore it). It also makes a great base for glitter, nail art etc.

Essence The Black Cat retails for £2, and is available from Wilko online here, or instore. Despite the relative issues with application, for the price point I really can’t complain. It lasts well, which is good enough for me!

What do you think of this nail polish? Let me know in the comments!