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Enchanted Polish March 2014 - Imagination In Colour

Enchanted Polish March 2014

Hey lovelies! πŸ™‚ I’m posting a little late tonight as I have the cold from hell and I’m feeling sorry for myself, lol. Hope you’re all feeling well! Today I’m posting about Enchanted Polish March 2014. I know I’ve posted these the wrong way round, but I tried EP April 2014 first because that was my favourite of the two, and honestly I was not keen on March 2014 from what I saw in the bottle. I’m not a big fan of the paler yellowy, slightly insipid greens, and I didn’t expect much from it.

Wow was I surprised! πŸ™‚

Enchanted Polish March 2014 Mystery

Enchanted Polish March 2014 Mystery 2

Enchanted Polish March 2014 Mystery 3

Enchanted Polish March 2014 Mystery 4So, while January, February and April were creme-based polishes with holo, this is definitely more of a green and gold shimmer-based polish with a hell of a lot of holo! My pictures aren’t really doing it justice, but this is a fabulous linear holo green. I feel like the holographic element of it enhances the colour and makes the green a bit more flattering and more rich. The final full finger shot shows the polish in natural light, while the first two show the polish in sunlight.


This polish was thin and easy to apply – no dragging issues or any of the normal problems associated with linear holos. For me it was totally opaque at 2 coats, and dried fairly quickly. The finish is fairly shiny – I’d add topcoat if you want longevity but it does sometimes dull the holographic effect.

This was a really pleasant surprise for me as I used it more out of wanting to blog about it rather than actually wanting to use it… I’m happy I did! This is an awesome green and while I appreciate it’s not for everyone (I didn’t think it was for me to begin with…!) if you have it, I’d recommend you at least swatch it in sunlight before passing it on! πŸ™‚ Even Andy said ‘WOW’, and that doesn’t happen that often where nail polish is concerned!! πŸ™‚

As these are only available on pre-order your best bet to find this is on blogsales or on Facebook nail polish sale groups.

You canΒ sign up to the EP mailing list here, for email updates about when there will be a pre-launch.

Did you get March 2014? What do you think of it?Β :DΒ  I feel like it’s a really interesting colour for spring, but reminds me of new plants and grass and lots of natural greenery πŸ™‚ You can have a look at my reviews of the previous colours byΒ clicking here.