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Enchanted Polish April 2014 - Imagination In Colour

Enchanted Polish April 2014

Hey everyone! So, many of us received our Enchanted Polish Mystery polishes this week, so I thought I’d show you April – which Andy chose from my rather large ‘to blog’ pile for this week! What Chelsea is currently doing seems to be working great – I am a big fan of this system because as long as you check in on time, nobody misses out. Basically the process is: you are sent an email a good week in advance with details of when the pre-order goes live, including a time-scale for how long it will be available. On the day and at the correct time, you select the polish and purchase it, with no cart-jacking issues and no site problems. 3-4 weeks later, you have your polish! I love that it’s now so hassle-free when for a good 1-2 years it’s been a nightmare.

Anyway, onto the polish. Like the others, this was a mystery polish meaning you are buying blind. As someone with very few colour-preferences when it comes to nail polish, I’m a big fan, although I know some people aren’t. This one is really pretty though, and I haven’t yet seen anyone say they don’t like it.

Enchanted Polish April 2014 Mystery

Enchanted Polish April 2014 Mystery 2

Enchanted Polish April 2014 Mystery 3

April 2014 is a grey-toned cornflower blue, filled with linear holo shimmer and also a secret pale-gold shimmer which is hard to see. The holo is actually really subtle in this polish, in fact unless it was in direct sunlight my nails tended to look more grey-blue creme than anything, but I don’t mind that too much. This is a really pretty colour for spring πŸ™‚


This is my best one so far in terms of application – it’s not too thick and applies fairly evenly, and is opaque at 2 coats. It did seem to thicken for the second coat, which I think may be the polish reacting with the air in the bottle a little, but it’s nothing unmanageable. It dries slightly dull, so I used topcoat to make it shine more.

I like this shade a lot and it’s probably my favourite so far from the Enchanted Mystery polishes released this year. Needless to say I will still be purchasing the next one that comes along! Andy is a big fan of this too, and he doesn’t often have this strong a feeling on nail polish so, congratulations EP April 2014! πŸ˜›

As these are only available on pre-order your best bet to find this is on blogsales or on Facebook nail polish sale groups.

You canΒ sign up to the EP mailing list here, for email updates about when there will be a pre-launch.

Did you get this one? What do you think of it? πŸ˜€ You can have a look at my reviews of the previous colours by clicking here.