Emily De Molly Super Vixen

Hey all! Sorry I had a quiet day yesterday, I wasn’t quite feeling myself… got some much-needed relaxation and sleep instead! I decided to use a polish that I’ve always loved but never used (shock… horror, you say) today. I actually bought Super Vixen (coolest name… EVER!) last June, but it was still untried until now, I sadly confess. I think part of the problem is that when I bought it I wasn’t much into layering glitter over a coloured base, and couldn’t face removing 4 coats of glitter… and partly because I just couldn’t decide what colour to use as ‘underwear’.

Sorry! Please forgive me my sins. It’s here now. I won’t confess how many other untrieds I still have… Ahem. Anyway, this is one coat of Super Vixen over two coats of Ciaté Pillow Fight. On a sidenote, I am seriously going to have to buy a big backup bottle of Pillow Fight, and Pepperminty, from my MMM Ciaté Calendar!

Emily De Molly Super Vixen (2)

Emily De Molly Super Vixen

Emily De Molly Super Vixen (3)Super Vixen is a clear base filled with a pretty fabulous mixture of various shades of pink and cerise glitters in various sizes and shapes. I see squares, hexagons, circles, giant circles, giant hexagons… I also see some purple, and some lilac, also in various shapes and sizes. Some of the glitter is holographic, some matte and some metallic – it’s a fab mix! It’s a pink glitter bomb, and I really love that. I haven’t worn any pink glitter in a long while so it’s very refreshing. I also think this would make a perfect matte manicure, or even a jelly sandwich, with something like OPI My Pointe Exactly 🙂


This polish is designed to be a glitter topcoat, so it won’t really ever be fully opaque. However it gives a lovely coverage at just one coat, I feel that two would be slightly too much for me. It applies evenly and getting glitter on the brush isn’t a problem. The giant circles aren’t too hard to get hold of either, but it’s much easier to add them after the first coat, so you can place them where you want and avoid any dragging. It dries quickly and to a relatively shiny finish, though I’d always recommend topcoat for large glitter like the circles, to protect them from snagging on things.

As it’s an Australian brand, I bought my Emily de Molly Super Vixen from the lovely Sally at SallyMagpies for £11.50, where it is currently sold out but I believe Sally often updates the SallyMagpies Facebook page with news about restocks, so make sure you like it and keep an eye out! 🙂 You can also buy it from Llarowe, where it is in stock for $13 but remember to factor in international shipping costs! 🙂