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Easy Owl Nail Art - Imagination In Colour

Easy Owl Nail Art

Hello everyone! You probably remember Chubby Owl Polishes? Well my good friend Jemma came up with the idea to raise money through selling her polishes, to adopt an owl! All it will take is 20 bottles, so we came up with an idea for owl nail art to let you all know what’s happening! There’s a specific collection which will raise money to adopt a cute little owly 🙂

I used these cutie little owls for inspiration :).

Owl Nail Art (2)

Owl Nail Art

Owl Nail Art (3)

What I used:

Revlon Quick Dry Basecoat and Quick Dry Topcoat.
Eyes: Ciaté Snow Virgin, Barry M Black.
Beak: Barry M Yellow.
Index: Ciaté Pool Party (body), Barry M Turquoise (eyes and belly), Ciaté Power Dressing (wings).
Middle: Ciaté Mojito, Color Club Twiggy (I think!), Barry M Spring Green.
Ring: Ciaté Cabaret, Ciaté Sugar Plum, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.
Pinkie: Ciaté Fade To Greige, Ciaté Pillow Fight, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

I used a hairgrip for this look… never again, is all I can say!!! Hence the shakiness on the owls!!

How I did it:

1. Prep your nails with base coat. Using your ‘body’ colour, paint a dome shape on your nail, leaving a large gap between the top of the dome and your cuticle. I did two coats for this. Then using the same colour, paint two little pointy triangles on either side of the dome. Voila, you have your body and pointy things that look like ears but aren’t actually ears! 🙂

2. Take your ‘eyes and belly’ colour, and paint a smaller dome inside the body, to make the little belly. Again, use two coats if you need! Next use a dotting tool (NOT a hairgrip) to make two large circles, touching in the middle, for the eyes.

3. Using the ‘wings’ colour, paint three lines in an arrow shape at a slight angle on either side of the body.  Like this—>  /|\ and make sure the lines are nice and wide, they will fill themselves out to create a full wing.

4. Using a dotting tool, pop two white dots in the eye holes. Once dry, pop two smaller black dots into the centre.

5. Using the beak colour, draw a tiny upside down ‘therefore sign‘. The colour will fill itself in in the middle.

6. Using the body colour again, draw tiny vertical lines in the belly area to make it look a little patterned and fluffy :). Finish with topcoat and you’re all done!

Remember to check out the Adopt an Owl indie nail polish collection by Chubby Owl Polishes – it’s going to a great cause! Oh and have a peek at Jemma’s post on her blog! Remember to follow her on instagram @jemmypuddleduck for updates!