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China Glaze Don't Let The Dead Bite - Imagination In Colour

China Glaze Don’t Let The Dead Bite

Hello lovely people! I have been eyeballing the new China Glaze Halloween 2014 collection (a.k.a. the Apocalypse of Colour collection) ever since the first bottle shots and swatch wheels came out, and the other week the lovely people at nailpolish.co.uk were kind enough to send me one of them for review! Today I have China Glaze Don’t Let The Dead Bite to show you – I think this is one of the most unusual nail polishes I’ve yet tried!

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite

China Glaze Don't Let the Dead BiteThis is a fascinating nail polish – it’s a lovely nude jelly (which just so happens to be my exact skin tone!) filled with light pinky-red metallic glitter in large, medium and small hexagons and also some bar glitter too. It’s pretty interesting looking (I half expected to hate it – but I actually loved it a LOT!). The colour combination puts me in mind of intestines and blood flecks and all sorts of gory things which is just so perfect for Halloween! I couldn’t be more chuffed with this.

Application-wise it’s a little thick, but this is easily sorted with a bit of thinner (I use Orly). The glitters do drag a bit so it takes a bit of dabbing to get an even coverage, but nothing unmanageable. For my short nails it covers my free edge fine in 2 coats, but I think if you have long nails you will definitely need 3 (or to layer it over a nude). It dries perfectly quickly, as long as you leave a few minutes between coats, and dries to a really interesting semi-glossy finish that is also dull over the glitters, and a little bumpy. Intriguing, but not my favourite, so I chose to add a thick coat of topcoat to give it a more glassy finish.

The nice thing about this nail polish also is that you could probably layer it too, being that it’s quite sheer.

I’m pretty excited by this polish, and although it’s taken me a week or two to review it I’ve worn it twice already, and it lasts pretty well 🙂

If you fancy this gorgeous and unique China Glaze for your Halloween celebrations you can get it for just £4.95 (with free 1st class delivery!) from nailpolish.co.uk – they also have an autumn discount code which is AUTUMN’ for 20% off, which is pretty bloody awesome if you ask me!

I was so impressed by these great customer service values that I bought the rest of the collection, as well as two other China Glazes too, so look out for those shortly (they are all AMAZING). I was also sent Choo Choo Choose You to review too so that will be up soon too!

Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂 🙂