BruzZ Nail Brush Review

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good week – despite the miserable weather we have at the moment!

A little while ago I was kindly sent the BruzZ nail brush to try out. It’s billed as ‘the most hygienic nail brush in the world’ as it’s made of antibacterial bristles, which are removable and dishwasher safe, so they can be cleaned thoroughly to within an inch of their lives!

As with a normal nail brush, you start off by squeezing some soap into the centre, with a little warm water, and get scrubbing. The BruzZ is specially designed to minimise spray from the brush (which is handy, since somehow nail brush spray ALWAYS stains the mirror!). It’s also vanilla scented.

Bruzz Nail Brush

Bruzz Nail Brush

Bruzz Nail Brush

Bruzz Nail Brush

As you can see the bristles are aligned in 3 angles to ensure your cuticle, nail plate and the underneath of your free edge are all cleaned at once. Start with your four fingers, and then move onto your thumb nail. You can use whatever angle you need to clean it fully. It also doubles up as a finger cleaner.

Bruzz Nail Brush

The bristles are easy to remove to be cleaned, and they also fold out into three sections so you can ensure none of the parts are missed during cleaning.

Bruzz Nail Brush

My thoughts

I haven’t really used a nail brush frequently for a long time, mainly because they always used to dry out and scrub at my cuticles. But I actually really like this nail brush as the bristles are gentle but firm, without scratching away at the skin. It cleans your nails very effectively and (for me, anyway!) feels very therapeutic, hehe!

I have to say that I’m not a fan of the vanilla scent – it’s very similar to car air fresheners which I personally find quite an overwhelming scent, so it wouldn’t be my choice.

I do however like the fact that it’s easily cleaned, and it seems a very sturdy product so it won’t break easily.

In terms of the ‘reduces spray’ claim – I’ve noticed it does still spray soapy suds, but nothing like a standard nail brush does, so I would say it does technically¬†reduce spray.

Would I buy this? Yes, actually genuinely would! If you know me personally, you will know that I’m a hygiene freak, so now I’ve been using this pretty much daily! It’s very therapeutic also, lol ūüôā

The BruzZ Nail Brush retails for ¬£9.99, which appears quite pricey when compared to a standard nail brush that you can get for about 20p, but given that it’s a strong, sturdy product that seems like it will last a long time, and seems much better for your skin, nails and cuticles, I think that’s fairly reasonable.

You can buy the BruzZ on their website here, but it’s also in Boots and Nail Polish Direct – you can see a full list of stockists here.

There are three colours available – white, pink and blue. You can also buy a family pack for ¬£24.95 (although personally I don’t think I would require more than one in a family, but you never know!).¬†Each BruzZ is available with either soft or firm bristles. There’s no indication on my box which bristle type they are so unfortunately I can’t advise on those.

Let me know what you think of these in the comments!